No Preview Available! PDF ] Liens de partage. June Data Selectors Multiplexers. General Description.

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No Preview Available! PDF ] Liens de partage. June Data Selectors Multiplexers. General Description. These data selectors multiplexers contain full on-chip de-.

The A features complementary W and Y outputs where-. The A incorporates address buffers which have sym-. Y selects one-of-sixteen data lines. Y A selects one-of-eight data lines. Y Performs parallel-to-serial conversion. Y Permits multiplexing from N lines to one line. Y Also for use as Boolean function generator. Y Typical average propagation delay time data input to W. Y Typical power dissipation. Y Alternate Military Aerospace device A is.

Connection Diagrams. Dual-In-Line Package. From Input. To Output. Min Max. Propagation Delay Time. Low to High Level Output. High to Low Level Output. Recommended Operating Conditions. Supply Voltage. High Level Input Voltage. Low Level Input Voltage. High Level Output Current. Low Level Output Current. Free Air Operating Temperature. Logic Diagrams. Address Buffers for. See Address Buffers Below. Function Tables. L LHL. L LHH. LHL L. L HHH. HL LH. HHL L. HHH L.

E0 E1 E15 e the complement of the level of the respective E input. D0 D1 D7 e the level of the respective D input. PDF ]. National Semiconductor. Fairchild Semiconductor. Hitachi Semiconductor.

Texas Instruments. Monolithic low-power CMOS device combining a programmable timer.


74HC151 8-Input Multiplexer IC (74151 IC) DIP-16 Package

IC Necessity of multiplexers:. Types of MUX:. It has eight data inputs D0 to D7, three select inputs S0 to S2, an enable input and one output. Fig: MUX using gates. Ex: Implement the following Boolean function using multiplexer.


SN74151A Datasheet PDF


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