Now the mysteries of the High Desert are revealed! Caravans , by Rick Swan, is the eighth and final boxed supplement for Al-Qadim. It was published in October Origins I : One More Box.

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Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. TSR, Inc. TSR Ltd. Her face was drawn, the corners of her mouth turned down. She looked as if she had swallowed a pitcher of sour milk. Jamilia threw another stone and watched the dirt settle around it. He straightened the cowl around his slim shoulders. She tossed her black, silken hair behind her shoulders. Husar paused. He looked down his strong, aquiline nose at her.

It is a waste of time. I have no use for so many facts. It is about two twin boys, Umar and Karim. In appearance, they could not have been more similar, boasting chiseled features and strong bodies worthy of a sultan. Umar loved books and learning. By age two, he could identify birds by the sound of their songs.

By age six, he could speak three languages. Karim, however, had no use for such things. Karim took pride in his ignorance, declaring that experience was a far better teacher than books, and that his brother was a fool for wasting his life stuffing his head with useless information. It was a marvelous thing; at will, Umar could command his head to inflate with air and 3 carry him into the sky.

So tough was his skull that it could DM, to the appropriate section of the Adventure Book. Solving the mystery of a talking tent of Essafah al-Ibahs. Fahad withered and shrank, taking on the appearance of a rotten hires the PCs for an expedition that will take them across apple.

His skull became as soft as mud. He died in a storm the High Desert to the Pit of the Ghuls. She cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. Episode Two. Is it really true? The party meets an eccentric mystic who gives them access to a powerful magical item, but Welcome to Caravans, an epic adventure of treachery, intrigue, and romance set in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.

The adventure is designed for three to five player only if they help him deal with a bizarre entity from another world. Episode Four. At a military camp deep in the High characters PCs of levels five to nine, with a total of 20 Desert, the party becomes embroiled in an ancient feud to 30 levels for the entire party.

Episode Five. An investigation of Vahtov, the village where Sita was last seen, leads to an ancient crypt and an alliance with a mysterious, shapeshifter. Most Chapter 1. Chapter 2. This chapter provides information relevant order. Included here are profiles of two major The Adventure Book explains when and how to use nonplayer characters and a section summarizing the statistics of most of the monsters featured in the adventure.

Chapter 1 of this book explains Other components in this box : their use. The PCs acquire this black-and-white sides contain tactical maps and powerful item during their quest. Chapter 1 of this diagrams for encounters described in the Adventure book explains how to use it. Carefully remove the staples from this booklet to separate the sheets.

May Fate grant you a clear mind, a keen eye, and a strong heart! Is it not exquisite? Before him, his niece proudly displayed a violet tapestry embroidered with an intricate pattern of stars and sunflowers. It cost only two silver pieces. It was worth no more than two silver pieces, if that. But the thought would mean more to Jamilia's mother than the craftsmanship.

It is the name of a carpet. A most famous and most magical carpet. First, he excelled as a seer, a prophet so skilled that he could predict the number of drops that would fall in a rainstorm. Second, he was a weaver of consummate artistry, producing caftans so splendid that maidens swooned at the sight. And third, he was a brilliant scholar, proficient in poetry, philosophy, and literature. And like all men, his days on this world were limited.

If, that is, you are willing to abandon this life for one quite different. For hair for the yarn. The question may be as general or as specific as the character likes. In return for these words, he will share his gift literature, poetry, and philosophy.

So shall it be for a thousand and one years. An acceptable offering must meet the following Jamilia was wide-eyed. But Fahad is a good man. The carpet, I mean. The carpet is neither good nor bad.

It merely is. The writing may cover one or both sides of the page. Any character class or kit is acceptable, though illustrations, and maxims. He may have studied that page before, or he may not be interested in that uitable pages are made available to the party in subject. Give these handouts to the question. You can control the information supplied to players as directed in the Adventure Book. Any page makes a suitable offering for any nothing happens.

The character can keep the page and question. If the PCs are having a hard time, you may make additional pages available elsewhere in the adventure. The eyes of the image on the example, while traveling through the High Desert, the carpet open, and he responds in one of the following party might spot a rusty chest half buried in a dune. The ways: chest might contain gold pieces and a page or two of 1.

Sections in the center of the carpet darken. D8 Roll Each response lasts about 10 seconds. See page 45 of the 7 Adventure Book. The party may ask questions other than those mentioned in the text. Or, if you prefer a random response, roll 1d8 and consult Table 1. He is also immune to damage from acid and questions not addressed in the text by changing his electricity. For instance, by respond to questions.

He has filled with jagged lightning bolts. The sight of the package inflamed the young one with curiosity. Some new riding boots? A loaf of sesame bread? Jamilia snuggled beside him. I wish to see the world, but there is little to see here except sand. He folded the silk and tucked it into the sash at his waist.


Al-qadim - D&d 2nd - Caravans Campaign Setting (ocr)

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore.


Caravans Al-qadim TSR 9459 Dungeons & Dragons 2nd

It is part of the Al-Qadim campaign setting and set in Zakhara. Now the mysteries of the High Desert are revealed! Caravans takes player characters into Zakhara 's greatest sea of sand to face its most treacherous denizens. Heroes match wits with djinn and ins alike - and fulfill a lover's obligation more than a half-century old. A page Campaign Book with notes from famed travelers of the High Desert, plus details on a wondrous magical carpet. A magnificent full-color poster depicting Ala'i the Hungry, a fortune-telling carpet whose profound wisdom and wondrous powers will guide heroes on their epic adventure.


Al-Qadim - D&D 2nd - Caravans Campaign Setting (OCR)

Caravans is an Al-Qadim set in which the eponymous caravan serves to move the characters levels across the High Desert in western Zakhara. If the player characters feed the Persian rug Ala'i the Hungry ancient poetry during the adventure, Ala'i gives them clues by blacking in parts of its weave. Other encounters include a talking tent, weird lightning on a high rock spire, broom-wielding copper automatons, giant roc skeletons, bug-eating centaurs , and an efreeti palace beneath the Pit of Ghuls. Caravans was written by Rick Swan , and includes a full-color 21" X 30" poster map.

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