The Handel organ concertos, Op. They were written for performance during Handel's oratorios , contain almost entirely original material, including some of his most popular and inspired movements. A fine and delicate touch, a volant finger, and a ready delivery of passages the most difficult, are the praise of inferior artists: they were not noticed in Handel, whose excellencies were of a far superior kind; and his amazing command of the instrument, the fullness of his harmony, the grandeur and dignity of his style, the copiousness of his imagination, and the fertility of his invention were qualities that absorbed every inferior attainment. When he gave a concerto, his method in general was to introduce it with a voluntary movement on the diapasons, which stole on the ear in a slow and solemn progression; the harmony close wrought, and as full as could possibly be expressed; the passages concatenated with stupendous art, the whole at the same time being perfectly intelligible, and carrying the appearance of great simplicity. This kind of prelude was succeeded by the concerto itself, which he executed with a degree of spirit and firmness that no one ever pretended to equal.

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Alcina, HWV. Oberto: Chi m'insegna il caro padre? Cantata per soprano e basso continuo. Allor ch'io dissi addio ; 2. Ariodante - III. Ceasar: Presti omai l'Egizia terra I. Ceasar: Empio, diro, tu sei I. Coro: Viva il nostro Alcide I.

Sesto: Cara speme, questo core I. Tolomeo: L'empio, sleale, indegno II. Sesto: L'aura che spira II. Ceasar: Quel torrente che cade dal monte III. Cleopatra: Da tempeste il legno infranto III.

Mourn, ye afflicted children 3. From this dread scene ; 4. For Zion lamentation make ; 6. Pious orgies, pious airs ; 7. O Father, whose almighty power ; 9. Arm, arm ye brave!

We come en bright array ; Come, ever-smiling liberty aria ; Come, ever-smiling liberty duet ; Father en Heaven ; See, the Conquering Hero Comes ; Sing unto God ; With honour let desert be crowned Dixit Dominus ; 2. Virgam virtutis tuae contralto solo ; 6. Dominus a dextris tuis ; 9. De torrente en via bibet ; 1. Dixit Dominus 73k ; 2. Virgam virtutis tuae ; 3. Tecum principium ; 4. Juravit Dominus ; 5. Tu es sacerdos ; 6. Dominus a dextris tuis ; 7.

Judicabit ; 8. Conquassabit ; 9. De torrente en via ; Gloria Patri 86k. Laudate pueri Dominum ; 2. Sit nomen Domini ; 3. A solis ortu ; 4. Excelsus super omnes ; 5. Quis sicut Dominus? Suscitans a terra ; 7. Qui habitare facit ; 8. Gloria Patri. Nisi Dominus, HWV. Nisi Dominus ; 2. Vanum est vobis ; 3. Cum dederit ; 4. Sicut sagittae ; 5. Beatus vir ; [6. Gloria Patri]. Awake the trumpet's lofty sound Funeral march en D Red.

Total eclipse! Let the bright Seraphim 2. This day, a solemn feast ; 5. Awake the trumpet's lofty sound reprise ; Total eclipse ; Favour'd of heav'n ; Your hopes of his deliv'ry ; Sinfonia ; What noise?

Let the bright seraphim. Ne men con l'ombre d'infedelta 1. Gia la tromba, che chiamo 1. Un cenno leggiadretto 2. Se bramate d'amar chi vi sdegna 58k 2. Anima infida tradita io sono 2. Per dar fine alla mia pena 2. Si la voglio 3. Per rendermi beato 3. And the glory ; And he shall purify ; For unto us a Child is born ; There were shepherds Dalla guerra amorosa - Cantata for bass y continuo HWV. Recitativo: Dalla guerra amorosa ; 2. Aria: Non v'aletti un occhio nero ; 3. Recitativo: Fuggite, si fuggite ; 4.

Arioso: Fuggite, si fuggite. E partirai, mia vita? Oh numi eterni ; 2. Ma voi forse nel cielo 4. Il suol che preme 5. Organ Concerto Op. Andante allegro ; 2. Larghetto ; 3. Allegro moderato. Organ Concerti Op. Larghetto y 2. Allegro ; 3. Adagio ; 4. Larghetto ; 5.

Vivace ; 2. Largo ; 3. Allegro ; 4. Concerto Grosso en G, Op. Concerto Grosso en F, Op. Andante ; 3.


Organist accidentally hits ‘transpose’ during Handel’s Messiah, and produces this spectacular fail

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Organ concertos, Op. 7 (Handel)



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