If you know of a past magician not listed in MagicPedia, start a New Biography for them or Email us your suggestion. There are notes, annotations, and photographs of various things all related in some way to gambling, cheating, or Erdnase. The book includes citations and references to other books and authors. Several letters from Martin Gardner to M.

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Posted: Dec 15, am. Fellow card sharks does anyone on here have this book and could give me an indepth review , I'm really looking for someone who has read it and learned from it I have search the forums and havent found what I was looking for thanks jim. If you have any interest in the Erdnase book, or wish to learn more about the original, or want to supplement the original text, I'd unhesitatingly recommend the Ortiz Annotated Erdnase.

It's fantastic. Get it. I can't write an indepth review at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that if you do a search here, you should find a lot of good information about the annotated version. Posted: Dec 15, pm.

Ortiz's side notes to this text refers to other resources for sleights, techniques and effects. There is a bonus section of new moves and routines. I've definitely learned from it and it helped me find other resources for techniques and routines I wanted to look into. I refer to it quite a bit. Posted: Dec 27, pm. Is this book better than the Dai Vernon's one???? Is it worth to buy it taking into account aht I already have the Dai Vernon's book????? Regards from Argentina Pablo.

If you have an apple and I have an apple, when we exchange them we both have an apple. If I have an idea and you haven an idea, when we exchange them we both have two ideas. Supporting the open source community. Darwin Ortiz has put a great deal more annotations into "The Annotated Erdnase" than there is in Vernon's "Revelations", hundreds more in fact.

The thing that makes the Vernon's "Revelations" so important is that the annotations that Vernon made to the book are HIS, and he pretty much considered the Erdnase book to be his bible and cornerstone of his card magic. Although both books are extremely important if you want to understand "The Expert at the Card Table", you really should consider getting yourself a copy of the Ortiz book. Also of interest is the recent announcement that Mike Caveney is re-releasing Vernon's "Revelations" in , but this time he will include recently discovered pictures of The Professor's own hands doing various moves from the original book, which may be reason enough to pick it up as well!

Posted: Dec 28, am. Mago, The Ortiz book is infinitely better than the Vernon book. The photos included of Ortiz doing the moves make clear of some of the more misunderstood handling's. I would consider it a must have book if your a true student of Erdnase.

Posted: Dec 28, pm. The Annotated Erdnase is a great resource for any serious student of Erdnase. I finally got my own copy for Christmas after renewing it from the library for nearly 5 months, and cannot recommend it enough. Posted: Jan 1, pm. Posted: Jan 2, am. Posted: Jan 9, am.

It's also extremely cheap as it's produced by Dover but the content is tremendous. For somebody that's fortunate enough to own over card books, this is in my top 5 buys ever. I only recently purchased it thinking that it's content for the money would be of little use. How wrong Posted: Jan 10, am.

Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God's unconditional love. No I don't need glasses. It's just my view that Buckley is better than Erdnase. End of. Well, better is a completely relative term. Buckely may very well be the better of the two; however, I don't understand the point of commenting on a Buckley book when the OP is curious about an Erdnase book. I was simply making a comparison.

What contribution does your post exactly make? Posted: Jan 15, pm. Jaz Inner circle NJ, U. Vandy Grift Inner circle Milwaukee Posts. Regards from Argentina Pablo If you have an apple and I have an apple, when we exchange them we both have an apple.

Unknown Inner circle Posts. It should be noted though that Dai basically wanted to do the same thing as Darwin but because of particular magicians not wanting him to put certain things in his book because they wanted to keep their so called status, it hindered the greatness of this book.

Happy Holidays Doc. Daniel M. Barry Allen A Trick A Smile JasonEngland V. Las Vegas, NV Posts. You need glasses. Tweed New user 45 Posts.

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Darwin Ortiz - The Annotated Erdnase

Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by alexlopez00 , Nov 2, Which Annotated Erdnase? Vernon's annotations are more about the move and its uses. Neither text is better than the other. Ortiz is recognized as one of the foremost experts on crooked card practices, but Vernon was one of the most influential magicians in modern times and had all of Erdnase memorized when he was Each has a section on newer moves and variations. They both have extraordinary content, so the choice is yours.


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Seller Rating:. Hard Cover. Condition: Very Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Fine.

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