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Expand All Collapse All. Adi Parvam 2. Sabha Parvam 3. Vana Parvam 4. Virata Parvam 5. Udyoga Parvam 6. Bheeshma Parvam 7. Drona Parvam 8. Karna Parvam 9. Salya Parvam Souptika Parvam Stree Parvam. Arjuna Vishada Yogam 2. Saankhya Yogam 3. Karma Yogam 4. Jnana Yogam 5. Karma Sanyaasa Yogam 6. Atma Samyama Yogam 7. Vijnaana Yogam 8. Akshara ParaBrahma Yogam 9.

RajaVidyaa RajaGuhya Yogam Vibhuti Yogam VishvaRupa Sandarshana Yogam Bhakti Yogam KshetraKshetrajna Vibhaga Yogam Gunatraya Vibhaga Yogam Purushottama Prapti Yogam Daivaasura Sampadvibhaaga Yogam Shraddhatraya Vibhaga Yogam Moksha Sanyasa Yogam Special. Eesavasya 2. Kena 3. Katha 5. Mundaka 6. Mandukya Kaivalya Garbha Surya Darsana Tarasaara Mahaa Vakya Pancha Brahma Gopaala Taapinya Varaaha Shatyaayani Jaabaali Saubhagya Lakshmi Saraswati Rahasya Bahvrucha Prakarana Grandhaas - Aatma Vidhya Vilasam.

Andhra Pradesh. Guruji's Adhyatmika Jnana Yajnam Audio Video. Topic : Day 2: Shlokam : 2. Topic : Day 3: Shlokam : 3. Topic : Day 4: Shlokam : 4 5. Topic : Day 5: Shlokam : 6 7.

Topic : Day 6: Shlokam : 8 9. Topic : Day 7: Shlokam : Topic : Day 8: Shlokam : 11 Topic : Day 9: Shlokam : 13 Topic : Day Shlokam : 15 Topic : Day Shlokam : 17 Topic : Day Shlokam : 19 Topic : Day Shlokam : Topic : Day Shlokam : 22 Topic : Day Shlokam : 24 Topic : Day Shlokam : 26 Topic : Day Shlokam : 28 Topic : Day Shlokam : 30 Topic : Day Shlokam : 32 Topic : Day Shlokam : 34 Topic : Day Shlokam : 36 Topic : Day Shlokam : 38 Topic : Day Shlokam : 41


Atma Vidya Vilasam Shlokas

Post a comment. He dispels the ignorance of the seekers and reveals Brahman, in his own form. Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra,is a Brahma Jnani, who was walking on the fields and towns,without any dress. He was a Digambara.


He unmindful of the scorching sun, pouring rain, blowing chill winds roamed in wilderness without ever uttering a word, slept under starry sky, shunned all human contact and was ever in a supreme intoxicated state. The swami , himself an Avadhuta , a week before his passing away, parted with all his meager passions but retained, on second thought, a copy of Atma Vidya Vilasa till the day prior to his departure. Not many facts are known about his life. It is believed Sadashiva Brahmendra lived in the time of Sharabhoji, ruler of Tanjore This is based on the oral tradition that Sadashiva Brahmendra presented a copy of his work Atma Vidya Vilasa to King Sharbhoji when the king called on the Avadhuta to pay his respects. He was born in Nerur situated by the quiet flowing Cauvery, near Karuru. There the young Shivarama came under the influence of what were renowned as the triumvirate of Bhajana tradition viz.


Post a Comment. Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra,is a Brahma Jnani, who was walking on the fields and towns,without any dress. He was a Dikambara. This book of 43 slokas is about the state of a self realized person. He has also written another composition with the same title Atma Vidya Vilasam.

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