Started by SpiderPig , 8 Mar Posted 10 Apr Posted 11 Apr You could also get the latest Fritz fone and set up your NZ folks with a Sipgate number They have destinations all over the world Sipgate to sipgate is free as far as I know But you need credit on your account!

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Kommen Sie zu uns — als Experte. In Krisenzeiten versinken viele in Schockstarre, anstatt ihre Karriere weiter voranzubringen. Server, Storage und Kosteneinsparungen sind die Topthemen bei der Virtualisierung.

Leiden Sie an gesundheitlichen Beschwerden? Die Bundesregierung sieht wachsende Gefahren. Are there more features than the five big ones I covered last week? Despite a multimillion-dollar contracts scandal tagged to her name, Sarah Kramer, erstwhile president and CEO of eHealth Ontario is reportedly getting a top-dollar separation package following her departure from the not-for-profit agency.

Researchers using carbon nanotubes that can theoretically store a trillion bits of data per square inch for a billion years. And it seems like with every iteration of Mac OS X, the new feature count balloons. While many of these new features are small -- for example, Apple touted additional fonts as a new Leopard feature -- new features still drove marketing and appeal for new Mac OS X versions.

With Snow Leopard, Apple is taking a detour, and is focusing on performance, under-the-hood improvements, and user interface refinements. That doesn't mean Snow Leopard isn't worth paying attention to, though.

Here are five things you should know about Snow Leopard. Ever since it arrived, the iPhone has been criticized for not meeting key enterprise needs. The , released in summer , added several key business functions, such as Exchange integration, but nowhere near the capabilities that many enterprise need to meet security and compliance requirements. The new iPhone 3. At last week's E3, Tim Shafer gave us more of a taste of what his upcoming would be like, and it looked tasty, only affirming it's title as being one of the most anticipated games of this year.

However, "anticipated games of this year" could turn into "anticipated games of next year", as Activision is looking to halt the release of the game by suing the games developer Double Fine Productions. Fourteen years ago, I picked up a copy of , a joint production of and Fodor's that contained seating maps, travel tips, and other info about each of the stadia and arenas for the four major North American sports leagues.

The book is horribly out of date by now, as you might imagine--by my count, 61 of the profiled facilities are no longer in use for their intended purpose and another four have been so drastically remodeled as to be unrecognizable. So why do I keep the book around? Surely, the chapter on the Astrodome won't help me the next time I want to catch a Houston Oilers game. Each entry is no longer than three pages at most, but just about everything you'd need to know--where to sit, how to get there, what to eat when you're in the yard--is right there at your disposal.

Along with a storage boost, a digital compass, purportedly faster connection speeds, and the iPhone 3. Not content to merely fiddle around with the operating system and software, the electronics repair specialists at opened up the Pre and dissected its guts.

Working Daze is a comic distributed by United Media. John Zakour is also a writer for Bongo's Simpson's Comics, and has written a series of humorous sci-fi novels for Daw books that he calls "bubblegum for the brain. Mozilla is readying a program that will allow companies to build their own customized browsers based on the next version of Firefox, which will be out in a few weeks.

While those in the halls of Moscone West and the rest of us virtually looking on via posted from within Moscone cheered Apple's many announcements Monday, a small segment of the population undoubtedly reacted not with joy but rather foreboding.

For, behind the and could be heard the faint sound of someone's lunch being eaten. The guessing game is over: iPhone 3G S has arrived. Don't let appearances fool you. On the outside nothing looks much different with the 3G S.

The real difference is what's inside. The U. Federal Trade Commission's recent takedown of an Internet service provider thought to be a safe haven for spammers has reduced spam volumes, but only by a little. Don't look now, but China is messing with the Interwebs again. As many as , Palm Pre smartphones may have been sold since the device went on sale Saturday, one industry analyst estimated today. Monday announced a new iPhone model with a more powerful CPU, a better camera and video recording.

Unfortunately, I found the keynote offered empty calories: The lack of a significant hardware upgrade for the iPhone was especially underwhelming. Businesses in North America and Europe remain broadly worried about the security of open-source software, according to new data from Forrester Research. Portfreigaben einrichten Fritzbox. Leere Zeilen entfernen Excel. Alle Update-Optionen im Griff Firefox.

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Ins deutsche Festnetz wird per Flatrate telefoniert, ins Ausland oder Mobilfunknetz gilt dagegen ein Minutentarif. Telekom DSL Komplettpakete. Wer auf guten Service Wert legt, ist bei der Telekom richtig. Gesamtnote: GUT 2,0. Direkt zu Telekom DSL.


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