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Boa leitura! Letter of the Chairman On February 13th, we celebrate our 25th anniversary. We celebrate our 25th anniversary in , we evaluate our strategies, results and started to plan our following period From an analysis of the Childhood and Adolescence Scenario in Brazil, trends and innovations of social performance in the world and a critical analysis of this Foundation performance, performance guidelines were proposed for the following five years.

And, in addition, not ignoring historical standards, such as the removal of children from child labor situations. The following pages show a little of our annual work within operation axis: Protection, Education and Health.

With the sum of efforts between different segment partners we have transformed the life of children and adolescents in situation of greater social vulnerability. Together we have the strength to change the present and to assure a worthy future.

We dedicate this Report to children and adolescents, our partners and supporters who believe in a fairer and more solidary Brazil. Enjoy the reading! To promote the defense of the rights and the exercise of citizenship for children and adolescents. Vision A fairer society that is responsible for the protection and full development of its children and adolescents. Stimulation and pressure for the implementation of public actions.

Strengthening of governmental and non-governmental organizations for the provision of services or the defense of rights. Stimulation of social responsibility in the light of the rights of children and adolescents. Political and social articulation in the construction and defense of the rights of children and adolescents. Awareness of the Brazilian reality regarding the rights of children and adolescents. Hospital Ruben Berta atendimentos consultas, exames e cirurgias com especialistas em otorrinolaringologia e fonoaudiologia.

Santa Madalena II. Vereda Cia. Cada dia mostra-se mais independente. Foram realizados 30 encontros no ano e 3. Foram beneficiadas 7. Em junho, todos os planos foram aprovados. Participaram professores. Ao todo, atenderam-se 34 polos, envolvendo escolas. O Projeto beneficiou E foi bem isso que aprendi e um pouco mais. A gente observa isso na escola e em casa. Foi demais!

Realmente estou feliz em participar do Projeto. Em , foram acompanhadas 1. A carta foi entregue em dezembro de Em , realizaram-se duas campanhas.

Protection During the 25 years of the Statute of the Child and Adolescent ECA , there have been great advances in children and adolescents fundamental rights. Several policies have been designed to fulfill the requirements of the Statute. There is also a large movement of the civil society in bringing to debate issues that directly affect the future of boys and girls in the country.

Upon execution of the commitment term, the Program offers them tools to qualify the planning processes, which consequently will result in medium and long-term advances and in solving emergency and short-term problems. Based on these strategies, the Program. With the incentive of the program, municipalities have assessed social indicators and the health, education and protection policies scenario and Municipalities improved the Children and Adolescents Budget OCA , interpretation methodology of the public budget that enables the breakdown of spending on children and adolescents.

In , Municipalities that have advanced in securing and protecting children and adolescents rights will be recognized as Child Friendly Mayor. The Program received applications and 20 good practices were selected to be visited. The project aims to reduce child mortality of premature newborns, who can be watched at home by a team trained to monitor the baby beside their mother.

Accordingly, care costs during the two-year period were reduced, infant neonatal mortality decreased, and all children assisted by the project survived. From to , the percentage of premature deaths dropped from In the first year of the project, 68 newborns were monitored and, in , babies were assisted by the Coala Project.

The lack of spots in daycare centers is one of the great national problems. Only With the implementation of the program My First School, the city reorganized the distribution of spots in the existing units, creating 1, new spots in daycare centers and in PreSchool. The city of Belo Horizonte MG is another case worth mentioning. This process has generated a strong channel for dialogue between government and civil society. According to the secretaries, the work generated an intersectoral approach that used to not exist in the municipality.

With the initiative, childhood problems now belong to all secretaries, who began working together. There has been an empowerment of civil society with the public authority, legitimizing social control function of these actors in monitoring the implemented actions. The award enables the creation of a public policy that, other than sectorial, is integral and absorbs all areas.

The workshop Conselhos Fortes, Direitos Assegurados Strong Councils, Rights Assured was held in all regions of Brazil to strengthen the operation of municipal councils operation. The title of Child Friendly President is granted at the end of term, and after evaluation of the performance of the federal government in public actions and policies.

The types of programs implemented, the budget assigned and performance, as well as the evaluation of public policies created are taken into account in the evaluation. By accepting the MDGs, the Brazilian State undertook, for instance, to reduce maternal and child mortality and ensure universal access to basic education.

Another strategy is the direct relationship with the ministries that provide with official information on federal programs, and with the Presidency of the Republic, by means of a dialogue with the appointed articulator. It also innovated in the form of such monitoring, going beyond the exclusive analysis of the federal level.

The publication brought advances and challenges of the first management of childhood and adolescence in Brazil. The report identified 14 federal programs on the axis of promoting healthy lives, 25 programs in the axis of access to quality education and 14 programs of violence, abuse and ill-treatment prevention of children and adolescents. At the same time, it listed the advances and challenges regarding commitments related to the Millennium Development Goals.

Brazil advanced, for instance, in reducing infant mortality, exceeding the target set by the MDGs of In , the country had achieved the goal established, recording infant mortality rate of However, regarding the reduction of maternal mortality, although the Brazilian government has made progress in formulating public policies, it is still far from the.

Despite the improvement, this investment still falls short of the guarantee of the priority principle established by the Federal Constitution and the Statute of the Child and Adolescent ECA. In addition, they were the advocacy agenda of social organizations in the field of advocacy and, finally, instrumentalized networks where we operate, suggesting a common platform to the social context. Such deepening enabled to visualize the progress made by the Brazilian government and the challenges that remain for the current Rights Guarantee System SGD.

In the first part, the theme is the State structure: its coordinating instance and executive instances, coordination and decentralization of social policies, measurement of results and participation mechanisms. As final remarks, the report presents the most important developments since the Convention and the main challenges for nowadays.

One of the main challenges is the effectuation of social control - monitoring the Convention is a means of learning what has been done and what still needs to be done. It is therefore a mean of adjusting the focus of this control and, consequently, strengthen the rule of law and the construction of peace at global, regional and local spheres, through a culture.

The social cause of the Program is to eradicate the exploitation of child labor in Brazil. In , as an important strategy, we performed a sectoral agreement against child labor. Various signatories undertook to intervene in a coordinated manner in the industrial production chain of footwear industry and trade, developing actions in the city for the prevention and eradication of child labor.

Another important strategy is the technical visits to companies. In , the program made 28 visits in the Northeast, Southeast and South regions, in order to learn about all the work fronts of these companies and the social projects that they support or carry out. Such actions, along with the relationship visits, help to qualify the social projects already carried out by companies.

This seal does not tolerate child labor in companies, as we do not tolerate such practice in our entire production chain. We extend such concern to our partners, working in partnership with projects oriented to children and adolescents. We assure, therefore, that they can live the essence of being a child, giving them support to a better future. At the meeting, there was dialogue about social responsibility and social investment aimed at children and adolescents. This is cool but not enough.

The social issue it is not the one you can add today, but what you add to the future. The 20th edition took place in Among the main benefits gained directly to children, the most mentioned was the improvement in quality of. In addition, organizations reported that there was a gain in visibility and recognition, strengthening of teams and partnerships after the awards. The program is in works since transferring resources to expand the number of spots and to qualify the free care services provided to children and adolescents.

This year, 31 social organizations entered into an agreement for the Program by means of a selection process - held every two years. Technical support also helps organizations to identify where they need to act more assertively, as well as guidelines on accounts rendering. We perceive them as partners, thoughtful and committed to reality, able to hear and analyze, together with the Project coordination, conflicting situations, valuing steps made and suggesting new form of intervention.

Israel fictitious name is an 8-year-old boy who experienced physical and psychological abuse by both his father and his mother and the case was referred to the institution. The project provided services in the areas of social, legal, psychological and educational assistance for the whole family. The boy, despite suffering from violence injuries, wanted to be with his father and mother.

During the work of the team aiming at raising awareness among parents regarding their role to educate without violence, they showed willingness to rebuild their lives in order to care for the child and accept the help of Neaca. Today, Israel lives with his parents, and his mother says she has just now really learned how to be a mother. Both she and the father are playing their roles properly.


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Boa leitura! Letter of the Chairman On February 13th, we celebrate our 25th anniversary. We celebrate our 25th anniversary in , we evaluate our strategies, results and started to plan our following period From an analysis of the Childhood and Adolescence Scenario in Brazil, trends and innovations of social performance in the world and a critical analysis of this Foundation performance, performance guidelines were proposed for the following five years.

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