Since this work was first published after with the prescribed copyright notice, it is unlikely that this work is public domain in the USA. PDF scanned by piano. Complete score, Sz. Mikrokosmos, Sz.

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Since this work was first published after with the prescribed copyright notice, it is unlikely that this work is public domain in the USA. PDF scanned by piano. Complete score, Sz. Mikrokosmos, Sz. IMSLP does not assume any sort of legal responsibility or liability for the consequences of downloading files that are not in the public domain in your country.

Naxos Javascript not enabled. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.

Performance Restricted Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Creative Commons Attribution 3. Work Title Mikrokosmos Alt ernative. Moderato G mixolydian, 24 bars Dance in canon form. Allegro D dorian, 16 bars In dorian mode. Lento D dorian, 14 bars Slow dance. Andante D major, 15 bars In phrygian mode. Calmo E phrygian, 26 bars Chorale. Largamente C major, 27 bars Free canon. Teneramente A minor, 29 bars. In lydian mode. Allegretto F lydian, 32 bars Staccato and legato 1.

Moderato D major, 8 bars Staccato and legato Canon. Comodo F major, 11 bars In Yugoslav style. Allegretto B dorian, 31 bars Melody with accompaniment, Adagio G modal, 14 bars Accompaniment in broken triads. Andante tranquillo A minor, 39 bars 43a. In Hungarian style for two pianos.

Allegro D major, 8 bars 43b. In Hungarian style. Allegro G dorian, 8 bars Contrary motion 2 for two pianos. Vivace E major, 16 bars Andante C minor, 27 bars Moderato E phrygian, 28 bars County fair. Vivace, con brio A dorian, 34 bars In mixolydian mode. Allegro non troppo G mixolydian, 33 bars Moderato C major, 10 bars Tempo di menuetto A major, 18 Unison divided. Allegro G mixolydian, 8 bars In Transylvanian style.

Risoluto D dorian, 32 bars Andante E major, 11 bars Triplets in lydian mode for two pianos. Tempo di marcia F lydian, 23 bars Melody in tenths.

Risoluto A minor, 12 bars Non troppo vivo A major, 44 bars In Oriental style. Assai lento D minor, 19 bars Major and minor. Lento C minor, 18 bars Canon with sustained notes. Grave E major, 33 bars Pentatonic melody. Moderato C lydian, 35 bars Minor sixths in parallel motion.

Vivace, ma non troppo, risoluto A modal, 40 bars Con moto G major, 17 bars 64a. Line against point. Allegro 23 bars 64b. Allegro 23 bars Dialogue with voice. Allegretto D dorian, 27 bars Melody divided, Andante G lydian, 30 bars.

Thirds against a single voice. Andante A minor, 16 bars Hungarian dance for two pianos. Allegro con spirito D major, 15 bars Study in chords.

Moderato G mixolydian, 39 bars Melody against double notes. Grave D minor, 38 bars Dragons' dance. Molto pesante G mixolydian, 24 bars Sixths and triads. Comodo G mixolydian, 29 bars 74a.

Hungarian matchmaking song. Allegro moderato C major, 34 bars 74b. Hungarian matchmaking song with voice. Allegro moderato C major, 34 bars Andante C major, 30 bars In three parts.

Allegro molto D mixolydian, 20 bars Little study. Allegro risoluto G dorian, 18 bars Five-tone scale. E phrygian, 30 bars Calmo E minor, 17 bars Andantino, piacevole C minor, 22 bars Non troppo lento G mixolydian, 35 bars Allegretto scherzando D mixolydian, 25 bars Melody with interruptions. G mixolydian, 18 bars


Béla Bartók: Mikrokosmos - Band 1

Welcome to Hyperion Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. The site is also available in several languages. Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. His revelation was the discovery, in the same year, of examples of the traditional music of the countryside, which he found to be quite different in form and style to the urban music.


Mikrokosmos, Sz.107 (Bartók, Béla)


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