PDF is undoubtedly a great format to share documents, but it's not that good when you need to edit. If you need to edit a PDF, you can always try converting the file to some other more easily editable format. Conversions are done via an step-by-step wizard that walks you through the whole process. The Total PDF Converter wizard also includes different configuration settings, depending on the target format you've chosen.

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Nevertheless, this can cause serious problems when you need to repurpose, analyze or edit the content trapped within the PDF file format. And this can be used for any document management setting, not just those in businesses. Dealing with mass PDF document conversion is a good place to start boosting your productivity.

Perfect for anyone looking for a quick fix for accurate and speedy conversions on a number of PDF files. After opening the program, click on the Batch icon at the top menu bar. Once your files are selected, they will appear in the main box, indicating that they are in a queue for conversion. Depending on the number and the size of your files, you can see your converted files in almost instantly in your designated output folder. The best part is that the entire process is automated. It requires no other input from you.

Note that the Batch conversion can also convert scanned PDF documents, but only as images. The embedded OCR functionality, that allows you to edit your files, is not available for this type of conversion. But with modern-day tools like Able2Extract PDF converter this can be one of the more easier productivity obstacles to tackle.

Start using it today and see how the PDF batch conversion feature works for you. Download Able2Extract.


How To Perform A PDF Batch Conversion

View Full Version : How can I make a script that prints all the files of a type in a directory? Hi, I really want to get back into using linux on a daily basis, but before I can I need to make backup files of a lot of my documents. Since these files are in an obscure proprietary windows format. Instead, I want to print them all to pdf and then backup those for use on linux. I installed a pdf printer so I know I can do that. I just have hundreds of files that would take hours and hours of mindless, repetitive clicking. I thought this might be the perfect task for writing a script.


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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Thus, I am looking for a way to convert jnt files to PDFs. Currently, one either has to print to PDFs from Journal or use online converters. Is there a way to automate the conversion? Look here :.

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