By creating an account, you agree to the Terms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. Hypertrophy Max, an all new muscle building program created by 2 of the top body builders and trainers in the country, Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski designed to increase size and overall muscle strength through a series of very specific weight training exercises and workouts which has caught the attention of website owner Shane Michaels. Or they begin to plateau and don't know what to do next, so they keep doing the same old routine expecting different results and it never happens. This program is designed to break through those barriers and limitations that hold people back and really focus on manipulating the variables so progress continues.

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Those familiar with Vince Del Monte know that he began by writing a bodybuilding e-book that got fairly popular. To follow this up, Ben and Vince teamed up to create Hypertrophy Max. The idea behind this program was that it would be 6 different hypertrophy programs delivered every month in hard copy and dvd format, followed by 6 specialized programs for specific body parts. They only kept the offer open for about two weeks, and then closed off the site until January This caused quite a stir amongst the members, because most of the members said they would prefer to have it digitally since they could print it and make their own dvds , save the extra money, and not have to wait several weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

It became pretty clear from the beginning of this launch that Ben is the brains behind the training and nutrition , and Vince is the brains behind the marketing. And they are both very good at those things. Unfortunately Vince views himself as a co-coach, which has made for some contradictory advice in the forums, and several times where Ben had to either clarify, or outright correct Vince in the videos and coaching calls.

But being the sly marketer, Vince made a pretty big blunder early on. Almost as soon as they closed the site and made all their sales, he took off to Hawaii with all his new cash and virtually abandoned the forum and the members who were anxiously waiting for their first installment.

Yet while he was on vacation and no one on the Hypertrophy Max forums heard from him, we were still getting emails from him selling other programs. But now onto the program itself. As far as the additional material goes, some of it was great, and some of it left a lot to be desired.

However the nutritional and supplementation sections were pretty sparse. The supplements had just three basic supplements they recommend. But is was a good addition to the program and filled in a lot of the dietary gaps. They incorporated both density style training and reciprocal inhibition in this phase, which really makes you think about the angle at which you are working.

Once again, the supplement and nutrition sections were small and only contained things that have been said by Ben many times in many places. Jacob Wilson about various training and supplement science that Ben was making use of preparing for his Mr. Olympia debut. The training itself in phase 2 is quite enjoyable, and had new types of challenges. The Good: The way the program is laid out seems pretty solid.

It is challenging in more ways than one. Some of the exercises are really interesting ways to manipulate angles and body position. The Bad: the training videos, especially day 1, felt like Ben had mailed it in, and his heart was not in it at all. That it basically zig-zags the split by reversing it every week. The secrets of the pros is a MAT specialist who seems to be doing little more that trying to sell viewers on his services.

The secrets of the pros this time was actually quite good with Toney Freeman talking about some of his practices. It actually gave me a new respect for Toney and led me to research some of his articles.

This is a diet that they deem as essential for success in the program but guess what, you have to pay extra for it. You also have to pay extra if you want home gym alternative workouts. Something to be aware of if you plan on buying the program… expect to be asked to pay more and more.

SOA — a new Animated webseries. Unlike the phony reviews […]. As mentioned […]. Obviously you are a hater of vince lol am not a fan my self, and regarding hypertrophymax as you mentioned its solid program thank you for admitting that. Thanks for your comments bro! This has been made evident by such things as his hypertrophy max […]. I signed up for the MI40X and I am very impressed with it. I had to get a little more equipment.

It is to me the ideal and affordable program and a one evening telephone webnar call answered all my questions. It seems that this offers as much as hypertrophy max according to your review for how to periodize training.

Of course I do not claim to know as much as an exercise physiologist and I am always open to what I can learn. Much superior to Hypertrophy Max. I want to win the maximum possible size naturally. I will not compete. I just want to win big size.

My job is very stressful and I have no time to train every day. I can go to the gym. MI40 Standard: Back. Thank you and greetings from Colombia. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Ben Pakulski - Hypertrophy Max Protocols Phase 1 Max Tension

Hypertrophy Max is designed to be appropriate for both beginners and advanced bodybuilders. It is mainly focused on Muscular Hypertrophy. The program consists of a set of principles that allow users to grow their muscular mass safely and steady. Ordering this brand new product, customers will receive DVD with the techniques of the exercises. The Hypertrophy Max program explain five main mistakes that are made and that ruins all the efforts of the users. The program teaches how these flaws to be avoided. Users are invited to a coaching call with the developers of the program - Ben Pakulski and Vince Del Monte.


Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max

Ben Pakulski Hypertrophy Max is 12 months of the most advanced periodized training to date. So many people were asking Ben Pakulski what they should do after MI40, because of the amazing results they got. Here are the top 3 reasons why you Hypertrophy Max is better than MI MI40 only lasts for one month.


Top Hypertrophy Max: Review Exposes Vince Del Monte & Ben Pakulski New Muscle Building Program

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