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BOMAG single drum rollers are setting new standards in soil compaction. The results speak for themselves: reliable technology and low running costs. Please enter your location. Contact your distribution partner. Spare parts enquiries. Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment. For medium to heavy-duty earthworks and subbase work.

D models for water-bound materials, sand, gravel and sub-bases. PD models for cohesive and high water content materials. High-Climb models for gradients, e. H-series models are distinguished by their high gradeability and drives with more powerful torque capacities. They are designed especially for landfill and backfilling work.

BOMAG single drum rollers set the standards. With our accumulated know-how, we are an innovation driver that sets the pace for an entire industry. Along the way we have developed numerous new technologies: from systems for measuring and controlling compaction. BCM manages and documents the compaction of an entire construction site.

E-VIB uses the interaction of the acceleration of the vibrating drum and the load bearing capacity of the soil. In general, the load bearing capacity will increase as compaction increases.

If the soil becomes stiffer, the drum acceleration will also increase. The measuring sensors record this acceleration and from this determine the effective conctact force between the soil and drum and, at the same time, the vibration path of the drum. If the contact force is then laid on top of the vibration path of the drum, this results in a loading and unloading curve for every revolution of the exciter.

The measuring principle corresponds to the static plate test. BOMAP is the new, self-explanatory, mobile solution that allows you to document your work results right on site in real time. Transparency that pays off. Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Grease nipples? All bearing points are filled with high-performance lubricants and are hermetically sealed for life.

Dirt cannot penetrate and lubricant cannot leak out. To maximise service life. The hood can be easily and fully opened by hand, giving clear access to the engine compartment. Drain valves for all fluids are fitted to the outside of the frame. Intake for cooling and combustion air is cleverly arranged so the radiator remains clean and the service life of the air filter is greatly increased.

The rubber buffers on the drum can be replaced individually without dismantling the frame. And if the worst should happen, the front frame on the single drum rollers offers a major advantage: All components are bolted, not welded. This makes repair work much easier. Peace of mind is priority number one: This not only applies to our machines. Protect yourself from unexpected costs even after expiry of the legal warranty. With our extended warranties, you receive all-round protection for up to 60 months.

This applies both to our original parts and our service. Original parts and service are there to protect your investment. BOMAG offers a range of service products to keep you on the road. Proven technology. Share Page:. The vibration system: The power centre.

High amplitudes for maximum depth effect. Increased utilisation with easy to mount segment shells. Efficient compaction. Save unnecessary passes. Simple operating concept. One switch. One function. No long training sessions. Easy service. No lubrication — maintenance-free articulated joint.

All components arranged for easy access. Professional compaction can be measured. Robust construction. Hitting every target. Measurements and documentation in real time with the BCM 05 option Uniform compaction across the whole job site Save unnecessary passes.

See our Technologies. Weight 9. Performance 98,0 kW. Find your nearest Dealer. Contact Dealer Change Dealer.

Searching for Spare parts? Contact your distribution partner Find your nearest dealer. Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment www. Directly to the Machines. Product Group. Refuse compactors. Light equipment. Asphalt rollers.

Cold planers. Fields of application. Soil compaction — a key application in civil engineering to achieve sound foundations. Read more. Standards Warning, information and operation displays with round gauge Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive Hydrostatic articulated steering Articulated joint lock Rear axle with twin spring accumulator brakes No-Spin differential lock Warning horn Single lever control for travel and vibration Scrapers Emergency STOP Back-up warning system Operator seat.

Show more. Show less. Less servicing means less downtime, less risk and lower costs. Extended warranties. Play it safe. Original parts and service. Quality is the best protection for your investment. Learn more. Related Products. RS Weight Performance ,0 kW. BS Standard. Weight 6. Working width min-max 2. BS Profi.


Single drum roller BW 211 D-40: Effective. Reliable. Robust.



Bomag BW 211 D-40 Specifications & Technical Data (2005-2018)


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