The display is used to offer the user the choice of the various facilities and guide the user through the operation of the facility. The BT Featureline will record the last 30 calls or the last 30 unanswered calls user decision as long as you have opted for the Caller Display service. The numbers in the Caller Display Journal can be copied to the directory and names can be added. In the directory calls are stored by number or name. Your email address will not be published. All of our refurbished and new products come with a warranty ranging from months.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. British telecommunications plc user guide corded telephone bt paragon 44 pages. Corded phone with answering machine, advanced call blocker 32 pages.

Page 3 The Featureline telephone has been specifically designed to enhance the Featureline service by being pre-programmed with the Features. It will enable you to maximise the potential of Featureline without the need to use access codes to activate the features! In addition the phone gives you a liquid screen display, loudspeaker, and an indicator light that enhances the Call Minder service. If you receive any other message you are a System X customer Feature Availability Now you are ready to use your Featureline service you simply need to refer to the relevant column in this guide.

Your telephone or phone system user guide will explain how to do this. External Calls To make an external call press 9 followed by the telephone number. Page 7: Emergency Calls 9 to make an external call eg. PDQ, Fax Machines etc. Receiving Calls With Featureline you will hear different types of ringing patterns, these are to help you identify the type of call you are about to receive.

Page 8: Call Diversion Call Diversion Codes Diversion of all incoming calls Call Diversion - redirect all incoming calls You can divert immediately all incoming calls to any automatically to an internal or external directly dialable number. You can also set up diversion on busy and diversion on no reply. Page 9 Codes Diversion On No Reply To avoid losing that important call when you are away from your desk, divert your calls after approximately 15 seconds or 6 rings.

I The diverted part of the call eg from your Featureline to the telephone number you have diverted to will be billed to your Featureline as if it were a normal call at the appropriate rate. Page Call Transfer Call Transfer — enables you to transfer a call to another Call Transfer - pass a call to another phone either before or after it has been answered. Featureline extension or any external number, including mobiles.

To transfer during a call Page 15 Codes Transfer to Busy - enables you to transfer a call to another internal extension, if engaged you can leave the call holding until it becomes free.

If they do not become free after approximately 30 seconds the call is represented to the extension that transferred the original call. Page 16 Call Transfer Codes - continued Notes for your guidance I When a call is transferred to an engaged extension the caller will hear a ringing tone. I When a call is transferred to an engaged extension the caller will hear ringing tone and the Call Waiting announcements.

I Call Waiting is only activated on incoming calls from external numbers. I If you do nothing when you hear the bleeps, it will stop automatically after approximately 30 seconds and the waiting caller will be disconnected.

Page Call Offer Call Offer Codes With Call Offer, if you call another internal Using Call Offer extension and it is busy, you can choose to When you ring an extension and find your colleague is busy To advise advise them that you are calling. A series of them you bleeps on the line will let them know that an Wait for dial tone Page Ring Back To cancel Means no time is wasted making repeat calls.

Means you never need to be late for your meetings. Page Withholding Your Number I You will need to withhold your number even if you are ex-directory. I If you would like information on permanently withholding your number please call us on Freefone 9 or contact your BT Account Manager.

Page Code Calling Code Calling Codes Featureline can store up to 20 of your most To store numbers frequently used telephone numbers. Page Caller Return Call Return - tells you the telephone number of To check number The BT exchange will provide a voice announcement stating the last person who called you. The option number allows you costly unauthorised calls to bar calls selectively in the table below. In addition each Featureline within a Hunt Group has its own Direct Inward Dial number and an individual internal extension number.

Hunt Group number. Outgoing calls can still be made in the normal way. Page Direct Call Direct Call automatically connects you to Notes for your guidance your selected number. I The BT exchange will automatically connect you to your selected number four seconds after you pick up the handset.

Speak directly to the person you want to, Page Call Minder Featureline working with Codes Call Minder Call Minder is an answering service which will Making a start automatically answer your calls when you are Using the right type of phone You can use any touch-tone phone. Page 42 Call Minder map Call Minder Plus For extensions 9 1 5 7 5 7 9 1 5 7 5 7 Main Your extension number menu replay save delete Main menu Messages replay save delete Messages skip back pause skip forward return call greeting This will be on the first line of the Hunt Group.

A Call Minder message box will need to be provided on all lines in the Hunt Group Stuttered dial tone will only appear on the first line of the You need to dial 99 to make an external call.

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