Post a Comment. Before this, there did not exist "in this detailed form" anything like it. The download is the complete "Cancionero Rumbero", 42 pages in a. PDF file. Posted by Fidels Eyeglasses on Thursday, May 29, Labels: Cancionero Rumbero , Printed articles.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. If you don't find a specific forum, post your message here please read all the forum list first. Thanks to Patricio and Philip for their invaluable and tireless help with this project. Thank you for this. It is an amazing undertaking. Your love for the music and desire to pass this onto the next generations is great. Many of us live in the interior cities and don't have access to this information.

Edited By congamyk on One of the nice things about having the cancionero online is that it is searchable check the little box in the top left and click "search blog". Unfortunately besides being hard to see I now notice that you have to be pretty precise when entering your search terms. Like I said, it ain't perfect. Something to work on It appears in the cancionero under the song "Sambale" from Rapsodia Rumbera. Immediately favorited..

Thanks and happy new year! There are a lot more lyrics out there so it would be great if anybody has any to include please feel free to send them in. I am especially interested in getting complete lyrics to entire CD's so if any one wants to help fill in those gaps that would be especially appreciated. You can see which albums are included by looking at the "labels" on the right. If you click on the title you will see which lyrics from that CD we have already.

Great information Im sure it will grow with additions marco. A great resource for all! I remember you from years ago on the rec afro-latin newsgroup I bought my first folkloric CD based on I believe, your or Bill W. I always looked forward to your post, because I knew I'd get some more invaluable info. BTW great vocals on the 'Rumba by the River' video. Again Thanks!

I wonder which CD it was, do you remember? Just curious. You know, "kvetcher" from rmal is the Philip who helped me so much with this project. I met him through that group over 10 years ago now, and we've still never met in person! One of these days Lets see how this memory of mind serves me.

Gave it to an ex-girlfriend she just had to have it. Got to get another copy of that one. The Raices CD was my first purchase, and believe it or not, found it in the bind at 'Border's' It was so perfect for that to be my first exposure.

That Cd has many of the different forms of Afro-Cuban folkloric music. I still consider it my favorite. I don't recall "kvetcher" exactly but the name does kind of ring a bell.

I most fondly remember yourself, Bill W. I used webtv back in those days. After Microsoft bought it, the service features changed for the worst, so I was off the net for about a year or 2 before I broke down and purchased a computer, then I found you guys here at Congaforum, and now I'm back in heaven.

Nice to be in touch again. BTW, the blog has gotten some recent contributions from Italy and Russia! Board index All times are UTC.


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El Cancionero Rumbero


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