Since then further and more stringent measures have been brought into effect in the UK which has caused further disruption and closures. It is now confirmed that the factory will remain closed until at least April 20th at which time there will be further review. This appears to be very similar to the situation with lockdown guidelines in the UK at this time. I would like to confirm that we are still able to operate our Customer Services in France and also that members of our UK Sales Team remain ready to assist as needed. Together we are able to receive orders, check stock, produce plans and quotations and generally assist you as best we can as always.

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Photoengraving and printing in UE. Texts, photographs and illustrations not contractual. Subject to any product modifications or typing errors. Finishes are given for indication only since the printing process cannot guarantee faithful reproduction.

Prices subject to VAT at applicable normal rate. Indicative public prices ex. For over 20 years, the company has supplied professional office furniture for French and European companies and government departments, through the partnership developed for many years with our national and international networks of furniture distributors.

You will always find a Buronomic approved Honfleur. Our joinery workshops are equipped with high-tech numerically controlled machines ensuring extremely high precision in the cutting, veneering and drilling steps.

Buronomic is equipped with over 35 latestgeneration machines. With over parcels shipped every day, a production site of more than 25 m2 and a storage area of 15 m2, Buronomic is a leading manufacturer of professional office furniture in France. Buronomic implements a bar code system allowing traceability of the parcels, from transformation of the raw materials through to delivery.

The standard corresponds to the label NF Bureau with a set of tests certifying that the products comply with safety and sustainability normative requirements. In particular, they take into account comfort and ergonomy at work. What is PEFC certification? The PEFC certification Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification guarantees that the wood used in our products comes from sustainably managed forests. It also represents an essential tool in the fight against illegal wood trade.

The certified products are tested by the FCBA technological institute Forestry, Cellulose, Construction timber and Furniture according to the European Standards applicable to professional furniture. All products are tested in terms of safety of use for consumers, in particular to prevent any risks of pinching or cutting. The desks undergo a lateral force on 2 axes for Kg cycles to ensure that the structures will25last.

The storage units and pedestals are opened 50 Kg times drawers loaded for lateral filing to test their 25 Kg durability. The pedestals are also tested under a vertical load 25 Kg 25 Kg their of 25 kg, with the drawers open, to guarantee load capacity. The shelf brackets of the storage unit are tested Kg under static load of 1.

Our Environmental commitment is an integral part of our quality system. The doors and removable components of the storage units and pedestals undergo a locking safety test Kg under a traction force of 20 kg.

We are actively committed to the planet! We are one of the founding members of the Actineo observatory on the quality of life in the office. They play an active role in the construction of our future. Customers have more choice and there are fewer components, there is a lot to be said for eco-design!

We deliver and assemble the desks within 1 week. If necessary, we also study the layouts and prepare an installation drawing. Simple and efficient. This means that 3 lorries less come in every week and we have the material we need to manufacture urgent orders for our customers. Buronomic decided at a very early stage to deliver quality products based on preservation of the environment:. Pleasant offices 2. French Industrial Joinery 3. Eco-responsible company 4.

Durability of ranges 5. Functional, ergonomic furniture 6. Easy layouts. National and international networks 2. Approved network of Distributors and Installers 3. Consultant distributor near you 4.

Global solution for all your furniture 5. Permanent stock 6. Short lead-times. Design according to European Standards 2.

Testing of mechanical reliability and finishes 3. Approved suppliers 4. Certified products 5. Tested packaging 6. End-to-end production and delivery traceability. By entrusting your project to a Buronomic Furniture Dealer, you benefit from an additional 2-year guarantee period, extending the guarantee of your Buronomic furniture from 5 to 7 years. Recognised for their know-how, they can deliver first-class, highly competitive services.

They will advise you on how to optimise the layout of your work spaces and provide support from design to implementation of your project, in England and abroad. The guarantee comes into effect on the first day of installation and covers parts, labour and travel. Buronomic allows you to create a customised workspace. Curved or straight tops, used in clusters, individually or in a reception area… Numerous layouts are available with an infinite number of possibilities.

With Buronomic, you are sure to find the combination matching your layout requirements. Some examples of multi-workstation configurations are shown below. See page 2 for all top shapes. Depending on your organisation, choose flat drawers or lateral filing drawers. Need mobility or extra space? Choose from the following solutions:. Universal desk height pedestals attached to the desk top with a wide range of top shapes and dimensions. Mobile multi-purpose pedestals: Persobox, J Mobile and Mobilo or mobile consoles with or without drawers.

Choose from the wide range of deco accessories, lighting, partitions and technical equipment to make your desk comfortable, functional, original and ergonomic. See p. Choose an ergonomic chair to guarantee your comfort at the office. Welcome your visitors in matching chairs. See the meeting section from page From 72 cm to cm high in numerous widths, the cabinets are available in several versions: open or lateral filing drawers, swing, sliding or tambour doors.

See the storage ranges from page Choose the ambiance that reflects your personality: Contemporary, Modern or Traditional see p. See the list of finishes proposed on the swatch. With ASTRO, the working area seems more spacious and everyone was able to customise their workstation. The rectangular Arch leg is very sober and the selection of finishes is superb.

VAT Total dimensions in cm. The ASTRO Arche range is based on a self-supporting beam system with raised desk tops, forming a full steel underframe with 2 Arche legs and a transverse beam. The adjustable screw jacks on the legs allow up to 15 mm adjustment so that the 72 cm high desks stay flat, to compensate for any defects in the floor. In back-to-back configuration, a space divider can be fitted in the 3 cm gap provided between the tops.

It is attached under the top with stylish brackets. Other channels designed to route cables and accommodate power outlet strips are available on option. I chose the modern leg in white with the final touch of colour which reflects my personality. Plug and Play cable channel 2 L cm for top L cm Cable channel only, power outlet strip not supplied.

The Colorfit metal leg consists of a structural column with a design base to add a touch of colour with the foot cover. All leg components have an epoxy finish. The removable cap on the column provides easy access to the cable channel.

The Colorfit range is available in 3 versions: - Beam system forming a full steel underframe with 2 legs and a transverse beam. The beam is designed to route cables and accommodate power outlet strips. The adjustable screw jacks, on the legs allow adjustment of up to 15 mm so that the 72 cm high working tops stay flat, to compensate for any defects in the floor.

The modesty panels are assembled with epoxy finish metal brackets. The metal brackets have the same finish as the modesty panel. Each modesty panel version is equipped in the top with cut-outs to feed cables from the cable port to the optional horizontal cable channel. Price ex. VAT Ref. With its pure line, the V leg matches the style of our customer reception area perfectly.

The C leg and its practical cable channel system proved ideal for the computer department. Plug and Play cable channel L cm for top L cm Cable channel only, power outlet strip not supplied.


Our catalog

Through dedicated documentation, find all of the new colorimetric and products in our catalog You will be able to discover our new ranges of height-adjustable desks, our lockers to store your personal belongings, and many other new products Our new buronomic catalog is pages of offers and new office furniture to help you organize your living spaces at work. The new buronomic public price list is already downloadable in your partner area, in Excel format, and will be applicable from May, 04, For your development projects, find these 3D modeling furniture in DWG format today by clicking on the button below! Our showrooms.


All Buronomic catalogs and technical brochures

For its new edition, Buronomic unveils not only its new furniture range but also its new visual identity which will underline the strategy and ambitions of the company that places Made in France and high-quality furniture at the top of its priorities. As you browse through the pages, you will discover an extended range now based around 12 product categories, each one featuring new aesthetic and functional products. All our furniture units are available in a wide range of colours which are renewed regularly to best meet the expectations of our customers. We hope that this new Buronomic brings more than 30years of experience and as a French manufacturer of office furniture and is recognised for its quality. Buronomic was founded in on the Normandy coast, in Honfleur - France. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, Buronomic is able to design and manufacture in its factory in France quality furniture that is simple to assemble.




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