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Formerly known as Concresive Low viscosity epoxy resin with long potlife for crack injection. MasterInject is a low viscosity epoxy resin based crack injection resin system long mixed potlife designed for sealing cracks in concrete and restoring its structural integrity. Mixed resin and hardener only. MPa 1 day.

MPa 7 days. MPa 7 Days. Pot life. Bond strength. Tack free time. Part A. Part B. Supply Form. Mix Ratio. Density Mixed. Application Temperature. Surface preparation Remove all grease, oil, dust, residual curing compound, mould release agent or other contaminant that could impair adhesion of the injection ports.

The injection ports should be applied over mm diameter holes drilled at least mm into the concrete element. For deeper penetration deeper holes should be considered. Use MasterEmaco to adhere the injection ports over the holes ensuring that the adhesive does not block the drilled holes. Allow the MasterEmaco to cure before injecting. The ports should follow the crack at intervals of mm or a maximum of 1m centres. Inject from the lowest point or furthest point towards the centre checking for resin coming out of the next hole along.

Mixing Proportion part kits accurately mixing only what can be used in less than 30 minutes. Thoroughly stir Part A, add Part B and blend thoroughly using a slow speed mixer fitted with a suitable paddle. Cure time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, quantity mixed and placed. Usage will depend on the injection pressure and the size of the cracks and is impossible to estimate. MasterInject comes in 1 litre and 4 litre kit sizes. MasterInject can be stored in tightly closed original containers for 12 months at moderate temperature.

The technical information and application advice given in this BASF Construction Chemicals publication are based on the present state of our best scientific and practical knowledge. As the information herein is of a general nature, no assumption can be made as to a product's suitability for a particular use or application and no warranty as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness either expressed or implied is given other than those required by law.

The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products for their intended use. Field service where provided does not constitute supervisory responsibility. Suggestions made by BASF Construction Chemicals either orally or in writing may be followed, modified or rejected by the owner, engineer or contractor since they, and not BASF Construction Chemicals, are responsible for carrying out procedures appropriate to a specific application.

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Polyurethane moisture reactive expands in contact with water. G 2 Part polsulphide expansion joint sealant - Horizontal Joints 1. G Formerly Masterflex G. G 2 Part polsulphide expansion joint sealant - Vertical Joints 1.


MasterInject 1315 (Concresive 1315 Base)

Ideal for sealing static cracks from widths greater than microns but no more than 9mm. It is highly penetrative and cures to form a permanent and rigid seal against the ingress of corrosive fluids and gases and is capable of restoring structural integrity to concrete elements. The injection resin can be used to fill and bond dormant cracks in:. MasterInject injection resin has superior adhesion to dry surfaces. MasterInject will enable a structural repair to be effected and offers high compressive strength.


Basf Masterinject 1315 Tds


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