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In the family of the two spouses were also born: Ilinca, Marin and Alexandru Sae. The child Marin Preda spent his childhood in this large family which - despite the two plots of land "received for ownership" — was not secured. In September , the teacher Ionel Teodorescu enrolled Marin Preda in the first grade, but the father, who sent his children to school only at the age of 8, did not let him attend.

The following year he was re-enrolled in the first grade, at the Primary School of his native village. But, as in any family in the country, the child also participated in household duties herding cattle, field work , which ment that in the first classes he was often absent from school. But gradually, he proved to be among the best students in his series, and won the award with crown scene evoked in The Moromete Family.

The year - 4th grade was one of the hardest in the student's life: his father could no longer buy books and he got malaria. The teacher had shown to him a lot of goodwill, helped him finish the school year and lent him books. When he could not find new books in the village, he went to borrow in the neighboring communes: "What that? Is it made of gold?

If he had put him to an easier job than that, a big noise would have come out With repeated pleas and insistence, he obtained from his mother a promise that she would convince his father to send him to the "school of teachers".

The teacher would remember in his old age that the student Marin Preda "was a dreamer in the classroom", but "he did well, in writing", on a given topic about the Union of Principalities did "sensational work".

He finished 7th grade with an overall average of 9. On June 18, the certificate no. Each county having a school of teachers, and those who belong to that county were preferred at exams. The father now intended to send him to a trade school. He integrated into the life of an intern of the Pedagogical school. The teaches were satisfied with him and he got along well with his transylvanian colleagues and in he spent the winter holiday with a colleague from Abrud.

In the autumn of he was transferred to the Normal School from Cristur-Odorhei, where he continued his studies for another year. As with Abrud, he showed a special interest in history, romanian and even mathematics.

A composition that had its own father as its hero, chosen to be published in the school magazine, remained unpublished, the expected magazine no longer appeared due to the dramatic events that had followed. In , following the Vienna Dictate , the student Preda Marin received an assignment for a similar school in Bucharest.

In January he witnessed the turbulent events of the legionary rebellion and its repression by Ion Antonescu. He contacted some transylvanian refugees and met with his soldiers settled in Bucharest.

All this was described in "Delirium" and in "Life as a Prey" three decades after. At the end of the school year with help of the school head , he took the skills test, but due to material difficulties he decided to drop out of school. During the summer he did not return to the village: "I had the impression that if I return, I will not be able to leave.

Only unrelated, unnatural things I had nowhere to sleep, there was sleet all over Bucharest, and I walked non-stop by tram from Gara de Nord to Gara de Est. All day and all night. In September, he left the position of proofreader at "Timpul".

For a short time he was a civil servant at the Institute of Statistics. On the recommendation of Eugen Lovinescu , the poet Ion Vinea hired him as editorial secretary at "Evenimentul zilei" The event of the day. In April, "Evenimentul zilei" published the sketch Rotila. It is built on the technique of "fly on the wall" a perfectly objectified, behaviorist narrative, used at the time by Albert Camus , William Faulkner or later by Truman Capote.

Between he was taken to the army, an experience described in later works, in the novels "Life as a Prey" and "Delirium". A year later, in , the writer made a trip to Vietnam. On the way back, he stopped in Beijing. In he married the poet Aurora Cornu. The love letters sent to the poet were published posthumously. They divorced in He then remarried Eta Vexler, who later immigrated to France in the early s. He had two sons with his third wife, Elena [5] , Nicolae and Alexandru.

In , he read the world's great novelists. He was fascinated by William Faulkner, with whom his prose has obvious affinities. Preda's novel Delirium Delirul is considered to reflect the attempt to review Ion Antonescu 's role against the background of re-surging nationalist pride in Communist Romania.

Here, Antonescu is painted as a tragic figure, who joined Germans, regarding this as the only way to re-gain Bessarabia. He became a corresponding member of the Romanian Academy in , and was promoted to titular post-mortem member in After a few short weeks on the market, the novel was withdrawn from all public, university, and school libraries and all bookshops.

He was awarded the Second Class Star Order of the Socialist Republic of Romania "for special merits in the work of building socialism, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Romanian Communist Party establishment". The autopsy , which took place 24 hours after his death, showed that his blood alcohol concentration was 3.

The official cause of death was asphixiation. The coin is issued in proof quality, in a circulation of copies.

The edge of the coin is serrated. The diameter of the coin is 37 mm and its mass is 31, g. The coins are individually packaged in transparent methacrylate capsules, and are accompanied by presentation brochures written in romanian, english and french and signed certificates of authenticity by the NBR governor and the central cashier of this institution.

The currency has circulation power on the Romanian territory. The selling price of a copy of this coin, including the methacrylate capsule and the accompanying brochure, is lei. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By Dennis Deletant. Evenimentul Zilei in Romanian. February 11, Archived from the original on April 18, Retrieved April 18, Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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