Despite being finished in September , [1] the novel was not published until June due to Chatterjee's hesitance over some autobiographical elements. The story pivots a tragic triangle linking Devdas, an archetypal lover in viraha separation ; Paro, his forbidden childhood love; and Chandramukhi , a reformed courtesan. Devdas is a young man from a wealthy Bengali Brahmin family in India in the early s. Parvati Paro is a young woman from a middle class Bengali Brahmin family. The two families live in a village called Taalshonapur in Bengal, and Devdas and Parvati are childhood friends.

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Stories still circulate about these historical characters in the old nooks of Bhagalpur. It was here that Chattopadhyay wrote Devdas in The novel was published in The people of Bhagalpur, particularly old timers, still claim that the characters in Devdas were real, and lived in flesh and blood. But who was Devdas really? Could it have been the bohemian Sarat himself? Devdas is a strange chapter in the literary history of India, both as a novel and film.

But before we embark on a search for Devdas, let us glimpse the films: the first made in , in the silent era, and the last in Can all these productions perhaps be seen as one film, changing with our tastes, always brilliantly succeeding? As a novel, Devdas was not at all well received by contemporary literary society. In those days, bhodrolok Bengali babus would not even keep it on their shelves lest the youngsters read it. Yet in the realm of Indian literature, Devdas, Chunnilal, Paro and Chandramukhi have grown from characters into types and genres, modes of being.

The mothers of yesteryear would not name their boys Devdas or Chunnilal, as they loved a pyala filled with sharab and hobnobbed with tawaifs.

So how could a novel practically boycotted by a puritan society succeed at the wider box office, in any Indian language? In Pakistan Devdas was twice made into an Urdu movie, in and It was made in Earlier this first talkie version was available only in Bangladesh. Since then it has been filmed 18 times in various Indian languages. Let us begin with Chandramukhi.

People in Mansurganj say she was Kalidasi, a tawaif of unmatched beauty. Like Chandramukhi she was very kind hearted. Sarat, people still say, was madly in love with her too. Stories still circulate in Mansurganj about their relationship, and one involves Chunnilal: almost surely Mahadev Sahu.

If you ever come to Mansurganj, you will surely hear this interesting story: One evening, they came to a mehfil hosted by Kalidasi. Next morning Mahadev found his wallet filled with currency notes missing.

It is also very strongly believed that Paro was Nirupama, the daughter of a sub-judge named Nafar Bhatt. Sarat would play the flute for Nirupama as the darkness of late evening descended. Yes, even the probable real life Devdas was quite romantic. Lt General P. Stories still circulate about these historical characters in the old nooks of Bhagalpur BHAGALPUR, BIHAR: Surrendering itself to the concrete jungle that mushroomed in the Mansurganj locality of this town some 45 years ago, the kotha or mansion of the tawaif courtesan Kalidasi was recently demolished, tearing a living page from history.


One hundred years later, ‘Devdas’ is still celebrated as the anti-masculine hero

The film plays out in the context of Indian politics. However, it is interesting to note that, this film, when it hits the screen on April 27, will be the 17th time the doomed love story of Devdas Mukherjee, Parvati or Paro and Chadramukhi plays out on the silver screen. Yes, you read it right — there have been 16 films in the past that have told this story, including two Pakistani films and Bangladeshi versions respectively. It is the story of classic Indian tragedy — a story of desire gone kaput in the looming presence of tradition, a shadow so large that it consumes its players.


DaasDev is the 17th time Sarat Chandra’s epic novel Devdas comes onscreen

DeathAnniversary Legend ForgottenHeroes. T he year was The story revolved around Sabysachi—a superhero-esque fictional character fighting against British atrocities. In fact, in a letter to Rabindranath Tagore who supported the ban , Chattopadhyay defended his book saying if the average Bengali reader was seething in dissent against the British after reading the book, then it had served its very purpose. Born on 15 September , in Debanandapur village of Hooghly district in Bengal, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay perhaps inherited his passion for the pen from his father, Motilal Chattopadhyay. In , year-old Chattopadhyay responded to a job offer in Burma present Myanmar and moved to Rangoon present Yangon to serve as a government clerk.


Like ‘Devdas’? Did You Know Its Legendary Author Battled The British & Inequality?

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