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The cognitif dissonance is a unpleasantly feeling or confused of a inexpediency consequance between an attitude and a behavios. Subjects of this research are asthma sufferer that made comitment to quite smoke, but as be actif smoker till now. The aim of this study is to investigate and understand the dynamics of cognitive dissonance who occurs in smokers with asthma and factors that influence. The research informants werw two men in Yogyakarta with the criteria as active smokers and have asthma.

This research method is a qualitative case study. The data collections used were observation an interviews. The data analysis uded was qualitative data analysis of descriptive model.

The results of this study indicate the cognitive dissonance of smokers with asthma with different levels. The dynamics of cognitive dissonance in smokers with asthma started when someone decides to behave with the obvious consequences of smoking can aggravate his asthma , then did a few ways to reduce or eliminate the dissonance that occurs naturally with a process that is not easy so it appears regret guilty and self-evaluation after the occurrence of cognitive dissonance.

The factors infulencing cognitive dissonance in smokers with asthma in the absence of which is the freedom to choose and make decisions on informants, informants commitment issued a stop in front of the public , unpleasant consequence that feeling of informants , and sense of responsibility is high enough that owned of informants. Laksda Adisucipto, Papringan, Caturtunggal, Kec. Login Registered User. Link Terkait. Media Sosial.

This site is powered by EPrints 3 , free software developed by the University of Southampton. All rights reserved. Designed by Library IT Team. Key Words : Cognitif dissonance, smoke behavior, asthma disease.


Gambaran Disonansi kognitif pada penjudi dewasa awal

This research aims to get the description of cognitive dissonance of high educated young adult smoker women, such as the source of dissonance and how to lessen their dissonance. By qualitative research method through depth interview with four research subjects, it is found out that logical inconsistency, general opinion, and past experience are the source of dissonance. Culture norm becomes the source of dissonance only on three subjects. Allahyani, M. Journal Education, Spring; ; 3, pg David, N. Journal of Health Education, , No 3, pp :


Disonansi Kognitif, Konsep Diri Dan Pembenaran Dalam Hubungannya Dengan Kecurangan Akademik.

Prasetyo, Muhammad Akbar Analisis faktor pembentuk disonansi kognitif: studi perilaku seksual sesama jenis pada pengguna aplikasi gay. Masters thesis, Universitas Pelita Harapan. Hubungan seksual sesama jenis merupakan tindakan yang tidak sesuai dengan nilai yang dianut pada masyarakat. Hal ini akan menimbulkan disonansi kognitif pada individu yang melakukan hubungan sesama jenis. Disonansi kognitif adalah kesenjangan antara yang dipercayai dengan tindakan yang dilakukan. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengidentifikasi, dan mengetahui faktor — faktor apa saja yang membentuk disonansi pada diri individu. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode survey dengan alat bantu kuesioner untuk mengumpulkan data yang disebarkan pada 34 orang responden.

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