Zam yok, daha fazla materyal var Zam yok, Bonus Card'a 8 aya varan taksit var Zam yok, indirim var Moda Cad. NOT: 1. A closure C delay B crowd D request E procedure 2.

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Zam yok, daha faza materya var Zam yok, onus Card'a 8 aya varan taksit var Moda Cad. NOT: 1. Unti recent times, it was difficut for commanders to give Perihan had changed so much during her years in egium that I didn t We shoud take some cash with us in case the theatre doesn t The crime writer gatha Christie That was The bank robbers managed to In order to use a car in many foreign countries, the driver In cassica mythoogy, Prometheus was punished by the gods The penguins on Rio s beaches When Ernest Gies The probem we Cosette, and soon she fees the same way My copy of The rothers Karamazov is The rice is King Lear had three daughters, but ony one of them was oya to him; The artice said that temperatures in the Sahara can reach 50 C in the summer months,?

There are ony In France, the number pate of every These represent the area in For exampe, the number 75 is the number of the capita, Paris. This system is ony going to ast 27 , though. This eads her into a deady strugge with aron Scarpia, the chief of poice.

The Romanian soprano ngea Gheorghiu wi be appearing Gheorghiu payed Tosca in a fim, but found it Since there isn t anything ese to do in the office unti Tuesday,? In spite of its reputation as a wet country, Engand is currenty going through a serious water shortage the seasons are quite variabe in temperature, though C certain areas experience fooding quite often D the highest temperature ever recorded in Engand is Vincent spoke to a native Tagaog speaker the other day Car assumed that peope spoke gerian in geria C Sebastian wants to earn some Esperanto D Eiot was ying when he said that he was biingua E Martin is thinking of creating a anguage caed Examgish.

In China, I think Pau wi be ess afraid of swimming in deep water Ever since I moved to Istanbu six years ago Istanbu has many interesting historica sites C I m thinking of going into the city tonight D Of a the paces that I have seen in Istanbu E I think that the nicest hotes in Istanbu I ve bought a ticket for the bus.

What is your favourite form of transportation? How are you going to get to Ordu? C Who are you going to Van with? D Which bus company wi you use? E Did you get a discount on your Mersin tickets? No, but I woud ike to.

Woud you ike sat on your potatoes? What do you know about the Renaissance? C Have you ever tried parasaiing? D re you anything ike your sister? E Where are you going on vacation this summer? She shoud be here at around 7 o cock. Does Oga have time for a game of cards? Wi Tamara be coming out with us this evening? C What time are you going to go and visit Phoebe? D How ong is Imeda coming over for? E When are you expecting Chery to arrive? I doubt that it wi. Why are you hesitating to propose to nna?

How do you fee about the new government poicy? C Do you think the tennis match wi be any good? D When are you panning to get engaged? E Supposing we eave at dawn, when do you think we be there? Hundreds of years before Dutch spectacemakers invented the teescope in the eary 17th century, the Vikings may have used something simiar. ELS In organic agricutura systems, which rey on bioogica and mechanica methods, both traditiona and scientific knowedge is utiized. The bioogica and mechanica methods used in organic agricutura systems have been deveoped by utiizing both traditiona and scientific knowedge.

C ioogica and mechanica methods are used in organic agricuture, which reies on both traditiona and scientific knowedge. D Organic agricutura systems rey on bioogica and mechanica methods deveoped by utiizing both traditiona and scientific knowedge. E Organic agricutura systems, utiizing bioogica and mechanica methods, rey not ony on traditiona but aso on scientific knowedge. Steve Fossett was forced to abandon the fight because of deteriorating weather conditions when he got to razi in a baoon.

Steve Fossett had got as far as razi in a baoon when he was forced to abandon the fight because of deteriorating weather conditions. C Steve Fossett had to abandon his intended baoon fight to razi due to deteriorating weather conditions. D When the weather began to deteriorate, Steve Fossett was forced to abandon his baoon fight, athough he had got so cose to razi. E Steve Fossett had reached as far as razi in a baoon when he had to abandon the fight, since the weather was beginning to deteriorate.

Some inteigence agencies have banned the Furby in offices because they think the eectronic toy is abe to repeat the words that it hears. C The Furby, an eectronic toy, is not aowed in some offices of inteigence agencies, as it is thought to hear and then repeat the words said in its vicinity.

D Some inteigence agencies thought that the Furby, an eectronic toy, coud repeat the words said in its vicinity, so they banned it in offices. E The eectronic toy Furby was banned in some inteigence offices after it was discovered that it coud repeat the words that it had heard. The bbey Theatre, aso known as the Nationa Theatre of Ireand, first opened its doors to the pubic on 27 December The bbey Theatre, which first opened its doors to the pubic on 27 December , is aso known as the Nationa Theatre of Ireand.

C The pubic went to the bbey Theatre, the Nationa Theatre of Ireand, on 27 December as soon as it opened its doors. D so known as the Nationa Theatre of Ireand, the bbey Theatre s first performance open to the pubic was hed on 27 December E It was on 27 December that the bbey Theatre, aso known as the Nationa Theatre of Ireand, hed its first pubic performance.

Japanese firm has created a handhed gadget to check stress eves by anayzing saiva. The Cocoro Heart Meter has a microchip which a person moistens with saiva from his or her mouth and then sticks into the machine. Within one minute, the machine wi te that person what his or her stress eve is. The gram gadget measures the eve of amyase in the saiva. Those wanting to check their stress at the doctor s usuay give bood, which is a procedure that can be stressfu in itsef.

The gadget costs doars, with a package of 20 microchips costing another 30 doars. We can understand from the passage that the Cocoro Meter It is impied in the passage that, on the Cocoro Meter, a eve of means the test may be wrong is the highest possibe reading C has ony been reached once D is nothing to worry about E indicates very high stress It can be concuded from the passage that, when a person is stressed, She had been writing poetry ever since she was a chid, but she didn t pubish anything unti Whie writing her stories, she was inspired by the fairy taes and egends she heard from her grandmother.

She sometimes borrowed eements from Victorian supernatura stories. Her most popuar chidren s book is The Wonderfu dventures of Nis, which was party inspired by Rudyard Kiping s anima stories.

The book was used as an aid to the teaching of Swedish geography in primary schoos. We earn from the passage that, before , Upon reading the passage, we can say that The Wonderfu dventures of Nis Thousands of vacationers in the western US wi probaby see a wof in the wid for the first time this summer. Woves don't turn and run away immediatey ike most other animas, but shouting wi drive them off. However, they might not run off if a person is with a dog, because woves consider dogs as strange woves and may attack and ki them.

There are about 1, woves in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, and they have been steadiy increasing since their reintroduction into the wid in It is generay against the aw to hurt a wof.

The ony exception is kiing one in sef-defence. However, caims wi be investigated, as it is extremey rare that a wof attacks a human.


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