Also included is the unique Undulator effect from the H and a RingMod that lands somewhere between ring modulation and synthesis. The H9 Control app provides remote control access of all Eventide effects pedals. With H9 Control, you can manage parameters, presets and settings with an easy to use interface. Get instant access to over presets that push the boundaries of delay, reverb, pitch-shifting, modulation, distortion and more. All Rights Reserved.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Reference Manual. User Guide. Do not open — there are no user serviceable parts inside. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:. Eventide and Harmonizer are registered trademarks of Eventide Inc. Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Eventide ModFactor Page 1: Warning 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

If you read nothing else, please read this section. Instructions on saving Presets are covered later in this User Guide. Page 9: Changing Banks Footswitch to load Preset 1 from the new Bank or press the Middle Footswitch to load Preset ModFactor Power Up When ModFactor turns on it remembers what it was last doing and powers up in the same mode, running the same Effect, with the same parameter values, same tempo, same system settings, etc. Page Connections Connections Connections ModFactor is designed to be flexible and can support both instrument and line-level inputs and outputs.

Rear panel toggle switches allow you to independently select input and output levels. This globally can be enabled either , meaning it is active all the time, or on a preset by preset basis. When Killdry is enabled, ModFactor does not send any dry signal to the outputs; only the Effect.

Note that when Killdry is enabled, Bypassing will mute the Effect rather than Bypass it. For example, there are several types of Flangers, Phasers, etc. For each of the ten modulation Effects, use Type to select. Page Flanger Q, while Depth controls the frequency offset of the left and right channels to create a stereo image. Rotary Simulates the sound of a rotating speaker for that popular Leslie effect.

TremoloPan Tremolo is an effect that is created by modulating the level of the incoming audio with an LFO. Page Intensity For TremoloPan type Opto, Intensity controls input slew rate Edge and, depending on the input signal, may only have a subtle effect.

Type Selects the type of effect. Page Catchup 5. Page Expression Pedal Expression Pedal should be a simple resistive potentiometer with a maximum value of between 5k Ohms and 20k Ohms. Refer to www. Brake mode slows the LFOs at a constant rate while the switch is pressed.

When the switch is released, Brake the LFOs return to their previous rate. Expression pedal mapping. While Tempo values are always saved with the Preset, you may prefer to have your current Tempo stay the same as you switch from Preset to Preset. Page Saving Presets Preset will not be saved. This is intentional. When you save a new Preset, you overwrite the old Preset. ModFactor is designed to assure that saving is a deliberate act.

The Preset number corresponding to the currently running Preset will flash as a warning that saving in this location will overwrite the currently loaded Preset.

As noted above, the ModFactor has two operating modes, Bank and Play. Alternately, some users may want to have all six switch functions immediately available 3 from each Footswitch Mode. For more advanced users, it offers a number of extra routing modes, which control the functions of the inputs and outputs. One output will be dry, meaning that the output is the same as the input or mix if two inputs are used , whereas the other will be wet, using a mono output version of the effect.

Page System Menu Tree The default assignments of the Aux Switches mirror the operation of the stompbox footswitches. Destinations include the ModFactor parameters and functions that can be controlled by one of the Aux Switches.

You will see two fields split display of the Billboard display showing Control source and Destination assignments. Turn Encoder to set Global Tempo. Page Limited Warranty When the warranty becomes effective The one-year warranty period begins on the day the unit is purchased from an Authorized Eventide Dealer or, if the unit is drop-shipped from Eventide, on the day shipped, plus a reasonable allowance for shipping delays.

This applies whether or not you return your warranty registration form. Print page 1 Print document 50 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Eventide ModFactor & PitchFactor

These flexible effects pedals from the makers of the original Harmonizer are equally at home on stage and in the studio, with guitar, keys or even a mixing desk. Eventide have an enviable reputation when it comes to studio effects, ranking alongside the likes of Lexicon and TC Electronic, and when it comes to pitch-shift effects, they're regarded by many as the best. With their 'Factor' series, they've now entered the world of stomp-box effects. Despite the pedal format, the 'Factor' series makes use of algorithms drawn from Eventide's best effects from their 36 years in the business.

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