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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 , and the disease it causes Covid , have challenged us to find new ways to plan and work. Following local, state and federal guidelines, we have adopted a number of preventive measures, including curtailing on-site visitors, encouraging work-from-home for all those who are able, taking additional hygiene measures, suspending in-person meetings and travel, and social distancing.

As an essential business serving the health care community, A-M Systems remains fully operational. We have ramped up the production of certain products to meet the high demand during this pandemic. And we remain committed to maintaining our operations to ensure the health care community and first responders receive the same high-quality products without disruption.

While we remain fully operational, the evolving situation may impact the lead time for some neuroscience instruments, headstages, fine wire, and supplies. Please, let us know how you are doing and how we can help.

Send us a message. We'd love to hear from you. Thank you for your trust in A-M Systems. Since Grass Instruments no longer manufactures or supports their instruments, researchers can turn to A-M Systems for repairs or replacement with new instrumentation. Should your Grass instrument not be repairable, A-M Systems also offers a variety of stimulation instruments that could easily replace your current Grass Instruments Stimulators.

We are confident we can repair many common issues found in non-working Grass Instruments stimulators like the S88, S48, and the SD9. After an initial evaluation, A-M Systems would contact you with repair costs to determine if you are interested in pursuing repairs of the instrument. The S88 Dual Output Square Pulse Stimulator was the most advanced research stimulator Grass Instruments manufactured, and became the default instrument in many laboratories across the world. Essentially putting two complete S48 stimulators in a single large!

Outputs could be combined, or generated separately. Like the other Grass Stimulators, the S88 was voltage only, and required external stimulus isolation units to generate constant current or constant voltages. Timing and output specifications were identical to the S48, but many more synchronization inputs and outputs were available to help coordinate timing with other laboratory instrumentation.

Compared to the SD9, the S48 was more flexible, allowing the user to define train epochs that could be repeated at particular frequencies, resulting is a period of pulse bursts that would then repeat, rather then the simple ongoing pulses produced by the SD9.

Pulse durations could be shorter 10 microsecond minimum , longer 10 second Maximum , repeat more slowly 0. In addition, the train epochs could be as short as 1 millisecond or as long as 10 seconds, and they could be repeated up to times per second. Like the SD9, the S48 was a voltage only device but was non-isolated. It also had so software control capability. With built-in isolation, the unit provided a level of safety other stimulators do not, but it was a voltage device only and did not generate constant current.

To do so required the use of an external Stimulus Isolation Unit. Built-in to the SD9 was Twin Pulse circuitry allowing the stimulator to generate paired pulses with a defined interval between the two pulses, a useful feature often used in refractory studies. The Stimulator could generate pulses from 20 microseconds to milliseconds in duration, with interpulse frequencies ranging from 0.

Output voltage could be defined from mV to V. All controls were set by dials and switches. There was no software control. For over four decades, A-M Systems has been making reliable cost effective research-grade stimulation instrumentation. The following table compares the three Grass Instruments to the current line of A-M Systems Instruments for critical specifications. If you are looking for a particular recommendation to replace a Grass Instruments item you do not see listed here, please contact us with your request.

Simply add your desired items to cart and select "Request Quote" as the payment method. Coronavirus Info: We remain fully operational, but there may be an increased lead time for some products.

Learn more. Repair Your Grass Instruments. Contact Us Today. A-M Systems Replacement Stimulators For over four decades, A-M Systems has been making reliable cost effective research-grade stimulation instrumentation.

All Grass Instruments stimulators define time intervals in terms of frequency, e. In contrast, A-M Systems stimulators define time intervals in units of time, e. Physical connections from the stimulator to the external stimulus isolation unit or the preparation. Either original Grass instruments cables can be modified, or adapters would need to be used.

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Grass Telefactor S88 Stimulator



Grass Instruments S88, S48, SD9 Equivalent Stimulators






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