In Greenprint Denver was introduced. I learned early on in my career in business that the best solutions often combine economic, social and environmental considerations. Greenprint outlines an aggressive mission and principles to accomplish this balance to which the mayor refers. Greenprint Denver sees its mission as a collaboration providing leadership and solutions that ensures a prosperous community, where both people and nature thrive symbiotically.

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In his "State of the City" speech this past Wednesday July 12 , Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper layed out a plan to make his city much more sustainable over the next 20 years. The plan, dubbed "Greenprint Denver," will impact nearly every city department on the way to giving the city what essentially amounts to a green makeover.

To that end, the mayor laid out short-term goals of converting city vehicles to hybrid or biodiesel, reducing energy use in city buildings each year, building solar and methane power plants by , and planting a million new trees.

Though the plans extend beyond the maximum 12 years he could spend in office due to term limits , most in the Mile High City praised the mayor's big thinking. Can't get enough TreeHugger? Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox. Daily and Weekly newsletters available. Email Address Email is required. Corporate Responsibility. The plan, dubbed "Greenprint Denver," will impact nearly every city. Why is it illegal to walk freely in most of the US? Women may sleep better next to dogs than people.

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"Greenprint Denver" -- New Plan for a Sustainable City

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Greenprint Denver

In , Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper committed our city to a plan to improve the environment of Denver and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some highlights of the plan include:. If you'd like to sign up to receive Greenprint Denver 's new monthly newsletter, please visit their get involved webpage. You can sign up on the left column and read other ways you can help green up our city. Search this site. SUN Board.

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