By Geoff Boucher. Trilogy is coming to television and Hivemind is in on the conspiracy. The Illuminatus! The executive producer and showrunner will be Taylor, who is best known for co-creating, co-writing, and co-directing the Crank franchise starring Jason Statham with collaborator Mark Neveldine. The synopsis from The Illuminatus! As George sets out to find his mentor and uncover the truth about an all-seeing secret society that seems to unify every insane, inane, and outlandish conspiracy theory ever told — from the JFK assassination, celebrity cabals and lost continents to UFOs, ancient gods and the truth about the New World Order — he finds himself drawn deeper into a war between two shadowy groups.

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I first came into possession of The Illuminatus! Trilogy , in its staggering page glory, at a hobby shop in central Long Island. The hobby shop, Men at Arms, attracted what I now understand to be a kind of nerd paramilitary crowd: men in cargo pants who knew the unreported details of the Oklahoma City bombing and the effective range of 5. Larry, an old British goth in a leather trench coat, lent me a copy of The Illuminatus!

Trilogy in return for the promise that I not tell anyone, lest he be charged with corrupting a minor. Reading The Illuminatus! Trilogy as an adult, as I did late last year, was a kind of revelation. The book—which is actually three smaller volumes mashed together into a single text—defies description. The true identities of the Illuminati are wrapped in a series of guises specific enough to evoke plausibility: the Freemasons, the Founding Fathers, the Nazis, the mafia, the CIA.

Trilogy savages the concept of believability. Despite its remarkable depth of research, the trilogy refuses to distinguish between the credible and the credulous. Moreover, The Illuminatus! Trilogy is written in a compositional style not unlike an exquisite corpse. If the style of The Illuminatus! Trilogy tends toward the aggressively postmodern, its underlying message is more straightforward. In knotting conspiracy and truth into a serpent with neither head nor tail, the book says more about the state of America in the late s than it does about the secrets with which it claims to be concerned.

Below its surface are clearer markers of implication—a pivotal scene set amid the Democratic convention riots; an obsessive returning to the JFK assassination; an implication of organized religion as fraudulent and hollow; a contemplation of uninhibited sex, psychedelic drugs, and their subversive power.

No-knock laws. Stop and frisk laws. Government inspection of first-class mail. Automatic fingerprinting, photographing, blood tests, and urinanalysis of any person arrested before he is charged with a crime. A law making it unlawful to resist even unlawful arrest. Trilogy at a time when real people suspect Hillary Clinton of being a witch, and of running a child sex-trafficking ring out of a DC pizza restaurant. The polarity of our suspicion seems to have reversed, no longer a spiritual conflict between brave psychonauts and their FBI bogeymen, but more of an internet-powered search for scapegoats in an age of diminishing expectations.

Around the world, progressive thought faces a dual assault from plutocrats for whom it is a financial inconvenience and nationalists for whom it is an easy villain. In May of this year, Jones was granted a White House press pass, while the angry white men who appear in the background of every Trump rally look increasingly like those long-ago tabletop war gamers from Men at Arms.

If the lunatics are now truly running the asylum, then Shea and Wilson have been warning us for a great many years not just of their potential rise, but of how effective their fantasies of persecution would prove to the ruling class. When every conspiracy is true, anyone is entitled to be a victim. Paranoia claims no political allegiance, only emotional expediency; if Obama is a secret Muslim, then so much the better to distract from the calamity of a lost job or a shuttered factory or a staggering medical bill.

In the meantime, our leaders continue to bomb the Middle East with automated flying robots and monitor citizens through glossy thousand-dollar mobile phones, and The Illuminatus! Trilogy seems to understand this, even some forty years after its publication. As it turns out, the conspiracy that runs deepest is the one that we can all plainly see.

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‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’: Hivemind & Brian Taylor Conspire On TV Adaptation

Think for yourself, schmuck! If you have any answers, we will be glad to provide full and detailed questions. Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, an incredible ride through the looking glass of sex, drugs, rock, roll and the conspiracy it took to make it all happen. Brooklyn-born Wilson was an agnostic mystic who applied the principles of agnosticism to all things. Ad — content continues below.


The Illuminatus! Trilogy TV Series in the Works

The Illuminatus! Trilogy Schools Wikipedia Selection. Related subjects: General Literature. Spoilers end here.


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The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels by American writers Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson , first published in The narrative often switches between third- and first-person perspectives in a nonlinear narrative. It is thematically dense, covering topics like counterculture , numerology , and Discordianism. The trilogy comprises three parts which contain five books and appendices: The Eye in the Pyramid first two books , The Golden Apple third and part of fourth book , Leviathan part of fourth and all of fifth book, and the appendices.


The Illuminatus! Trilogy

Perhaps they should have offered these words of warning in large print at the outset of volume one. In any case, I don't believe them for a second. I've never read a work of fiction that tries harder than The Illuminatus! Trilo gy to blur the boundaries between truth-telling and myth-making, or to mash-up Delphic pronouncements with bald-faced lies. Thomas Disch, a sci-fi author who would defer to few in concocting outlandish tales, once compared Robert Anton Wilson to Oliver Stone, the filmmaker whose movie JFK mixed conspiracy theories with historical facts in a manner some viewers found exhilarating, others intellectually dishonest. Yet such a comparison is unfair to both parties. Wilson and Shea dish up "explanations" of the JFK assassination and other seminal 20th century events that border on the hallucinogenic.

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