David Blatner July 15, Scott, recently graduated and with too much time on his hands, complied. You can download it from GitHub. Original file made for CS3. Original version from March, , for CS4.

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July 13, 13 Comments. See more about this script here. The resulting pages are then extracted to the same file location as the original PDF but contains an underscore and page number in the filename.

Splitting a large PDF into fixed page lengths e. This also provides limited control concerning the name and location of the resulting split PDFs, as well as other ways of splitting the PDF e. This has not been tested by Colecandoo, nor is this a paid endorsement. This recent application again has not been tested by Colecandoo, nor is this a paid endorsement.

So the question is answered… right? Yes and no. Yes, it is possible to export to individual or smaller page PDFs, but the naming of the files could be better. Using an example of business cards that have been data-merged to a new InDesign file, the brief is now to produce PDFs with filenames that reflect the names of the people on the business cards.

Using the earlier solutions, the files would still need to be renamed afterwards. So how is this done? This script is much more flexible than the previous scripts in that files can be split according to more variables, and the file naming is more flexible. To demonstrate, an example single sided business card has been created.

The file is then merged to a new InDesign file. A new user interface appears. The filename is to be the name of the resulting paragraph style, so all that is left to do is click Export. And voila! The PDFs are split and named based on the client name that appears on the business card. See his post here. A link to the script and a brief how-to-use for Anglophones is available here.

Unlike the previous two solutions, this solution requires the data merge file to be merged to one large PDF. From here, an Acrobat action has to be run. The action is available from here :. The update allows the PDF to be split into files longer than one page in size. See post 11 in that particular forum for the script. From the new window, select Import and then navigate to the downloaded split files. Next, create a new folder and copy the PDF to merge and the csv or txt file that was used for the data merge into that folder.

A new window will open, and the file that is already opened should be listed in the window. Click Next. The PDFs are renamed based on the client names. The folder also contains the original PDF and the database files.

About colmin8r A prepress operator and graphic designer for a South Australian commercial printer, with close to 20 years of experience in the trade. He is also a regular contributor to this site and InDesign Magazine, and hosts his own prepress blog "Colecandoo". Pingback: InDesign scripting : lesson 33 macgrunt. On my site stats, this story is one that gets viewed more than others and I cannot believe the interest in splitting an InDesign file into single pages, so I imagine that the community sees this as a feature that would be welcome in future versions of InDesign.

As whole documents 2. Individual pages 3. Export individual sections with some options. The UI is showing all documents of a book; you could select all documents, individual documents or even reverse selection…. In workflows for books with many authors or proofreaders, it will come handy to automate Export to PDF on chapter sections basis.

Sometimes even on individual PDFs for every single page. In workflows for newspapers, at least in my experience with local newspapers here in Germany, a one-PDF-for-every-single-page workflow is required. Recently I had such a case: A special edition of a newspaper for students written, photographed and layouted by students where about 20 individual InDesign files were produced two to three pages and should be delivered as individual one page PDFs to the printers.

Splitting real InDesign files into InDesign files that is exactly, what Hans is doing with his script , is required for ADPS workflow, if you convert a magazine file to individual article files for further processing with DPS. Nothing to do with PDF workflow in the first place. When writing this article, I felt it was important to run through the methods of accomplishing the task regardless of why the task of preparing split PDFs was required. It was ultimately something that many users wanted so I felt providing a solution was the appropriate thing to do.

Anyone skilled enough provide an edit to the JavaScript to make that work? Visit the original thread that contained the script and navigate to post 11 — user alanomaly has improved upon the script to do exactly your request. On a side-note, it is disappointing that the latest release of Adobe InDesign CC still does not have this as an option… if people want it, they have to keep adding to. Thank you very much for the update!

Sadly, I cannot seem to get the script to function properly. And yes, shame on Adobe for not being able to implement this functionality within InDesign.

What gives??? Where do i found the original forum post 11 from Alanomaly, i see no link here, and i really need that solution. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. Prepress and InDesign advice. Posts Comments. Like this: Like Loading Pingback: InDesign scripting : lesson 33 macgrunt SutoCom says:.

August 22, at pm. Log in to Reply. Uwe Laubender says:. October 27, at am. Two annotation: 1. Hans Haesler is from Switzerland, not Germany… 2. November 4, at pm. You could chose to export to PDF with some options: 1. November 5, at pm. July 19, at am. On a side-note, it is disappointing that the latest release of Adobe InDesign CC still does not have this as an option… if people want it, they have to keep adding to Loading July 22, at am.

September 3, at pm. Colin Flashman is an Adobe Community Professional. Search for:. Check out Colecandoo on Youtube! Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Follow Colecandoo! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Modded my gameboy classic with carbon fibre vinyl wrap, backlight and bivert chip. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


InDesign Page Exporter Utility Script

Erica Gamet April 2, It does as its name suggests and places the many pages that comprise your incoming PDF all in one go. Our quest for a better solution many moons ago led us to the discovery of the PDFplacer script by Scott Zanelli. New 2. Note that there is a user guide included with version 2. We are refreshing our oldest and most popular posts with updated information and screenshots.


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Without this Script, one needs to use third party software, plug-in, or manually create single page PDF files. This process allows PDF files to be created much more efficiently. All rights reserved. Upload and access your project files with ease using LSC Communications' pre-press portal. Share This Page. For Magazine Printing. Place the folder on your desktop.

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