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All rights reserved. For purchasing, please contact sales representatives. Please note that the ITF V0. This is Preliminary document release. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The material contained in this document supersedes all previous documentation issued for the related products included herein.

Please contact ITE, Inc. All sales are subject to ITE's Standard Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is included in the back of this document. All other trademarks are claimed by their respective owners. General Description Block Diagram Pin Configuration ITF Pin Descriptions Power On Strapping Options Functional Description DC Electrical Characteristics Package Information Ordering Information Clock Input Timings Modem Control Timings Floppy Disk Drive Timings Start Frame Timings Stop Frame Timings Application Example.

Resistor should provide approximately 2V at the Analog Inputs Temperature Interrupt Response Diagram SmartGuardian Automatic Mode CIR Block Diagram Pins Listed in Numeric Order Pin Description of Supplies Signals Pin Description of Game Port Signals Programming of Pins 82, 83, 84, and Global Configuration Registers FDC Configuration Registers Serial Port 1 Configuration Registers Serial Port 2 Configuration Registers Parallel Port Configuration Registers Environment Controller Configuration Registers Game Port Configuration Registers Consumer IR Configuration Registers Base Address of Logical Devices Environment Controller Registers Status Register 0 ST Status Register 1 ST Status Register 2 ST Status Register 3 ST Command Set Symbol Descriptions Command Set Summary Effects of MT and N Bits Interrupt Identification HUT Values ms SRT Values ms HLT Values Serial Channel Registers Interrupt Enable Register Description Interrupt Identification Register Line Control Register Description Stop Bits Number Encoding Modem Control Register Description Line Status Register Description Modem Status Register Description Reset Control of Registers and Pinout Signals Parallel Port Connector in Different Modes ECP Register Definitions ECP Mode Descriptions ECP Pin Descriptions List of CIR Registers Modulation Carrier Frequency The ITF features the enhanced hardware monitor providing 3 thermal inputs from remote thermistors, thermal diode or diode-connected transistor 2N The Environment Controller has temperature, voltage and Fan Speed monitors.

One Fan Speed Controller is responsible to control three fan speeds through three steps of Pulse Width Modulation PWM output pins and to monitor three fans' tachometer inputs. Other features include one high-performance 2.

In addition, a SmartGuardian engine is provided to monitor the system condition and reacts to the detected condition accordingly.

These nine logical devices can be individually enabled or disabled via software configuration registers. The ITF utilizes power-efficient circuitry to reduce power consumption. Table This pin is backed by VCCH. Clear to Send 1. Data Set Ready 1. Serial Data In 1. Clear to Send 2. Data Set Ready 2. This output sends serial data to the communications link.

Serial Data In 2. Printer Select Input. When this signal is low, the printer is selected. Printer Initialize. Printer Error. Printer Auto Line Feed. Active low. FDD Head Direction. Otherwise, the head will step out.

FDD Step Pulse. FDD Head Select. Serial data input from the FDD. FDD Track 0. FDD Index. Indicates the beginning of a disk track.

Floppy Disk Change.

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