May 07 0 Comments Tags: Bhairav , stotram. Kindly play the youtube video of Maha kaal Bhairav stotram at the bottom of this page to feel the vibes and energy of this stotram. Kala Bhairava is the fearful manifestation of Lord Shiva. The word Kala suggests that he is the controller of time and the word Bhairava suggests that he is the most terrible form. Though his form is fearful, Lord Kala bhairava is highly merciful to his devotees and worshipping Him shall bestow several benefits. Once you will listen to this stotram or starts chanting this you will feel the power within , enemies won't be able to stand in-front of person who chants this stotram.

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Ashta Bhairavas "Eight Bhairavas " are eight manifestations of the Hindu god Bhairava , a ferocious aspect of the god Shiva. They guard and control the eight directions. Each Bhairava has seven sub Bhairavas under him.

All of the Bhairavas are ruled and controlled by Maha Kala Bhairava shown in picture , who is considered the supreme ruler of time of the universe and the chief form of Bhairava. Ashta Bhairava with their ruling goddesses, vahana mount , direction he guards are given below. Also given the consecrated temples in Tamil Nadu , India, where people born on the listed nakshatras get his favours, Dosha Nivritti remedy for problems and their lucky stones.

This form is white complexioned and has four arms. In his four hands, he holds the rosary, kamandal, sword and skull cup. This form is light blue complexioned and has four arms. In his four arms he holds the deer, axe, sword and bowl. This form is fair complexioned and has four arms. The bow, arrow, sword and bowl are held in these arms. This form is dark blue complexioned and has four arms in which he holds the conch, discus, mace and bowl.

This form is golden complexioned and has four arms in which he holds the sword, skull cup, pestle and shield. This form has a shining-yellow complexion and has four arms in which he holds the thunderbolt, noose, sword and bowl.

This form is blood-red complexioned and has four arms in which the sword, skull cup, trident and pestle are held. This form has a lightning-yellow-orange complexion and has ten arms in which he holds the trident, drum, conch, mace, discus, sword, bowl, skull-topped staff, noose and a goad. Media related to Bhairava at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Temples of Tamilnadu. History of Shaivism.

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Shiva Kavacham

The entire universe and its beings revolve on the wheel of time or Kaalachakra that is ruled by Kaala Bhairava. Chanting the Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam daily brings peace to the mind, shields from misfortunes and makes one healthier and wealthier. Kaala Bhairava removes all obstacles and negativities of the devotees. He dispels sorrow, delusion, meekness, anger, restlessness while instilling dynamism, spiritual progress, and auspiciousness. Kaala Bhairava is the Lord of Time. And time itself is the Divinity.


Kala Bhairava Kavacham.doc

Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru, looks at the importance of Kalabhairava — a fearsome form of Shiva. We also look at the significance of Kalabhairava Ashtami — the eighth day after the full moon day in the month of Kartik November-December , and the Ashtami celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center. The Kalabhairava Ashtakam audio is also included in the post. Every year, the Ashtami is celebrated with the chanting of Nirvana Shatakam — the exquisite chant written by Adi Shankaracharya over a millennium ago. The Nirkaya Sthanam is a special water body prepared by Sadhguru for use while performing the last rites of the deceased. Later in the day, a special arathi is performed and ellu prasadam sesame seed prasadam is distributed. The same program is conducted from 4.

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