From the first day of its inception, Deen e Islam has undergone enough of conspiracies and troubles, if. If one blaze is off, the other flares up and if. Sura 5one rebellion diminishes the other starts and if one conspiracy is subsided at one place, the. In spite of all of these. This brilliant lighthouse of Islam shall continue to remain as long as this world remains.

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From the first day of its inception, Deen e Islam has undergone enough of conspiracies and troubles, if. If one blaze is off, the other flares up and if. Sura 5one rebellion diminishes the other starts and if one conspiracy is subsided at one place, the. In spite of all of these. This brilliant lighthouse of Islam shall continue to remain as long as this world remains. I am happy from the bottom of my heart to place a book before you, which is one of a kind in clarity.

Explained in this book is a dangerous conspiracy and mission. Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. The creators of this conspiracy, who are against the followers of the. Sunna of Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam do not have any new or solid proof to prove their cause. Time after time it is.

These groups have always worked with magical deceits and every magician finally loses in his endeavor. The groups who deny following the sunna of Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam insist on following the. The reason they give for their stance is; that long period has. Upon the oath of my borrowed and limited life, how absurd is their talk! How can they follow the.

Is it not according to the following verse of Quran? Now say what is. And Allah is. Imam Shatiby part 4 Page 24 Glory is to Allah!

What a nice and teeth breaking answer it is. The truth is that following the prophetic practices of Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam is not the. Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam is known as Ittiba e Sunnat i. The group denying the Sunnat also accuses the scholars of Ahle Sunnah that they have introduced. After all what do they mean by this allegation? Is it not that these righteous scholars closed the doors of.

If it is so, those rightly guided scholars have to be commended for their. It might be that this group is aware of the oppressing religious. By the Grace of Allah, let me remove the veil from the face of this dreaded system so that. When Brahminism was enforced in India, it divided the society into four categories in which the. Brahmins were given highest status and special benefits.

Thereby they were placed on the top of. Manu Shastra the Hindu. Holy Book states: The Creator of the universe for the sake of prudence created Brahmins from. Manu mentions in another place that Brahmins are the most beloved creatures; they are the kings. Veda is blessed and remains so even if he spoils the three worlds with his sins and bad character. The rule was that the king could not impose any taxes on Brahmins under any circumstances.

At the same time if a non Brahmin just lifted his hand or a stick to. Maza Khusrul. Did any of them claim that his body is superior to others and did any of them. He should not be killed or not. No punishment should be inflicted. Even the worst enemy of Islam will not say that it is. Then what is to be said about these ignorant scholars who are inflicting the righteous with. Do the scholars who served all their life for the cause of this righteous religion. The Catholic Church System of priesthood awarded the highest powers and respect to their heads.

The luckiest among the. Kings was the one who was a favorite to the Pope and a king was dethroned upon the disliking. The history of this system is too long to be explained at this juncture. Let me. The Religious authorities in the priesthood system were holding highest and unlimited privileges. The Highest Authority is the Creator of the universe and it is the.

Oh Respected Accusers! Will you please go through the above information or go through all the. If you and all your supporters struggle for your lifetime you may not find such. If you will not and you cannot in future, then fear from Allah and. After my short introductory words, I shall place before you a most valuable book written by my. His Exalted Court and to further enlighten the heart of the author so as to enable him to solve the. The flower bud of life was distressed.

It all became a forgotten event, as the fall season had taken. The paths. It was all the dust where it used to be heavenly greenery. There was desperate feeling around looking for a new array of hope. Suddenly a rain-bearing. It continued to rain until the normal life started to be felt. The distressed.

The trees of bravery and sacrifice. The sections of the. The inhabitants of the world after receiving this spiritual and beneficial rain from its clouds were. With the time and realities when His veil was fully lifted,. If the humanity would have recognized this blessings sent for them and with the help of this. Every river, ocean,. The professional criminals who used to loot in the darkness of the night.

The oppressing rulers and their inheritors whose rule. The sky has seen with its eyes the numerous wars in which the absurd forces with all their might. The greed for the wealth, status and power could not. These individuals. This period of test was very discouraging, damaging and heartbreaking. Even a lower. All of these individuals came forward as reformers of the religion, their eyes filled with tears,. In-spite of all of the above, their ways and their thoughts were corrupt with. From this fort they removed its stones and bricks to build.

If at all the mercy of Allah would not have intervened through the. It looks like the Satan still possesses some more. There are many more havocs hidden underneath the overcoat of Satan to put the Muslims under. The English regime created the false prophet hood of Mirza Qadiyani and nurtured it under its.

Humanity Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam. He, sallallahu alaihi wasallam is the Glittering. Light who gives the sparkle to the tiny drops and sheen to the particles and provides the cover of. On whose glory Allah his Creator. There is no doubt that. They pretty. Therefore, they. They pretty well know that the. Creator and it will remain as such, so why not remove this belief itself from the minds of the. Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam, so that their own selfish annotation and commentary of.

To avoid their destructive. To complete their dangerous task, they are utilizing some special weapons. The details of their corrupt operations shall be explained and elaborated to the readers in the.


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