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Manual zz. See the frame package for package contents. To change to portrait , see page 9. Your power cable may look different from the one pictured.

Use the plug that accommodates your type of power outlet. The language screen appears. Highlight your language, then tap Save. To use the Quick Touch Borders, see page 5. Tap a border to display the icons. Tap Close to dismiss them. Tap next to or below a button to select it.

Slide to highlight menus, pictures, videos, options. For faster scrolling through larger numbers of pictures, touch and hold 3 seconds , then slide to the end of the border. Important:The screen is not touch-sensitive. Do not touch it. Only use your finger to touch the borders.

Sharp or metal objects may damage the border or screen www. If you are at the Home screen, see page 12 to start your slide show. To change the slide show order, see page Changing your frame orientation Your frame is set up to display pictures in landscape orientation. You can turn the stand to change it to portrait but you must also change the setting. Slide to highlight Frame orientation, then tap OK. Slide to highlight Portrait, then tap OK.

Use the Quick Touch Borders to make your selections see page 5. All connected sources and the Settings icon are displayed. Picture source icons: Memory card—appears when you insert a card page 7.

The label and icon indicate the type of card. Camera—appears when you connect a digital camera via USB cable page 8. Settings—customize your frame settings. For example: set slide show options like durations and transitions; set screen brightness, clock, and timer.

See the extended user guide at www. Highlight a picture in thumbnails view or highlight a picture source on the Home screen, then tap Play Slide show.

NOTE: A slide show plays continuously until you stop it or turn off the frame. Tap to hide the icons. Slide to highlight a picture source see page 11 , then tap OK. OR From a slide show or single view, tap Thumbnails. NOTE: If the screen icons are unavailable, tap the touch border. To turn off the buttons and other screen text, tap Close. To view other parts of the magnified picture, tap the arrows. Viewing pictures by date or filename By default, the pictures on your frame are arranged and played by date, starting with the oldest.

You can change the arrangement or order, by date, or alphabetically by filename. For P digital frame—tap Home , then Settings. Then tap OK or Save. Your connected devices appear. The picture is copied. To copy multiple pictures, see page Delete , then tap Yes to confirm. The highlighted or displayed picture is deleted.

To delete multiple pictures, see page To remove a check mark, highlight a picture, then tap Unselect. Insert the card into your frame and play a slide show right away see page 8.

The CD that was packaged with your frame contains two applications that work well independently, but also work together for the best experience with your frame: CD packaged with your frame. If you do not have a previous version of EasyShare software on your computer, you can click Custom and choose both applications for a new installation.

The software icons appear on your desktop when the installation is complete. When prompted, take a few minutes to electronically register your frame and software for exclusive tips and offers. To register later, visit www. Kodak EasyShare digital display 2 Insert a memory card into your computer or card reader.

A slide show begins. For more information on the features included in EasyShare digital display software, click the Help button in the software. You can reapply the matte to your frame several times. When you are not using the matte, reapply it to the liner and store in a plastic bag to keep the adhesive backing clean. Do not use water, cleaning solutions, or other adhesives on the frame or any of its parts. Gently wipe the frame, LCD, or matte with a clean, dry cloth included.

For fingerprints on the frame, apply light pressure. When the reset is successful, the set language screen appears. All settings return to the original factory defaults. See page 4. Learning more about your frame www.

Try one or more of the following Frame does not turn on. Wait 5 seconds, then reconnect the cable. In the top a memory card, camera, card slot, make sure the card is seated flush with the case.

See the images on a large capacity extended user guide at www. Press and hold the power button for 1 second. Frame freezes up. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Do not expose this product to liquid, moisture, or extreme temperatures. If the LCD breaks, do not touch the glass or liquid. Contact Kodak customer support. For approved accessories, visit www.

Special handling may apply in California. AC adapter, model MUA1, volt, 1. Use of other AC adapters may damage the frame and void your warranties. Free software and firmware upgrades Download the latest versions of the software and the frame firmware the software that runs on the frame.

See www. Do not use cleaning solutions unless designed specifically for LCD screens. Do not allow chemicals, such as suntan lotion, to contact painted surfaces. Contact a dealer of Kodak products for more information. Retain the original dated sales receipt. Proof of the date of purchase will be required with any request for warranty repair. Limited warranty coverage Warranty service is only available from within the country where the Products were originally purchased.

You may be required to ship Products, at your expense, to the authorized service facility for the country where the Products were purchased.

If Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the purchase price paid for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak along with proof of the purchase price paid.

Repair, replacement, or refund of the purchase price are the sole remedies under the warranty. If replacement parts are used in making repairs, those parts may be remanufactured, or may contain remanufactured materials.

If it is necessary to replace the entire Product, it may be replaced with a remanufactured Product. Remanufactured Products, parts and materials are warranted for the remaining warranty term of the original Product, or 90 days after the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

Limitations This warranty does not cover circumstances beyond Kodak's control. This warranty does not apply when failure is due to shipping damage, accident, alteration, modification, unauthorized service, misuse, abuse, use with incompatible accessories or attachments, failure to follow Kodak's operation, maintenance or repacking instructions, failure to use items supplied by Kodak such as adapters and cables , or claims made after the duration of this warranty.

Kodak makes no other express or implied warranty for this product, and disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Kodak P725 User Manual



Kodak P725 - EASYSHARE Digital Frame Manuals



Kodak easyshare p725


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