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Fifth Edition Highly practical and informative handbook with a comprehensive approach in questions and answers for MBBS students with oral and practical orientation, which deals with : Procedures and instruments, X-ray, ECG, emergency medicine, drugs, pathological specimens and data analysis chart.

MCQs in Internal Medicine Third Edition An indispensable revision tool for mastery in medicine with almost systematically arranged questions with single-choice answer covering major aspects of internal medicine, specially for UG students. It forms the foundation for success in different PG entrance examinations. Pearls in Medicine for Students First Edition A treasure island in medicine for medical students, which consists of short description of facts frequently encountered at the bedside.

A quick-reference ready-reckoner handbook to increase the core knowledge during early years of medical training. India e-mail : jaypee jaypeebrothers. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know that by practice alone can vou become expert.

Medicine is learned by the bedside and not in the classroom. See, and then reason and compare and control. But see first. S Medical College, Kolkata, India. Office : Flat No. All rights reserved. This book is protected by Copyright Act. Breach of this condition is liable for legal action. In case of any dispute, all legal matters are to be settled under Kolkata Jurisdiction only. Price : Rs. Kundu, It was good of you to take the trouble to write to me about the 13th edition of Davidson.

Thank you for your kind comments. You are of course, correct about the typographical error on page This is now being adjusted. Again many thanks for writing. With best wishes. From : Regarding errors in serum-ascites albumin gradient Kurt J. Isselbacher, M. In fact, this was already done in the second printing of the 14th edition Again, many thanks for your thoughtfulness in bringing these two typographical errors to our attention.

Kundu, Re : Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine : 1 7th Edition On behalf of Editors of this textbook I have been asked to respond to you in view of the fact that this chapter was written by Dr.

Boon and myself. In response to your first question we have obtained source material which indicates erythema nodosum is a manifestation of acute rheumatic fever. In conjunction with pulmonary stenosis, the only reason why the thrill may be best palpated in expiration is because of the fact that the heart moves closer to the anterior chest wall.

We entirely agree that the velocity of blood flow across the pulmonary valve is increased in inspiration and this is demonstrated using echo Doppler techniques. However, for the reasons mentioned above palpation of thrill may be more obvious in held expiration when the heart and vessels are closer to the chest wall. I hope that these comments help to clarify the situation.

I hope you are pleased with the book Kind regards. I am an editor of this edition I am responsible for writing much of the Respiratory Chapter and was most interested in your comments. In response: Examining for Tracheal Shift Clearly this technique could also be performed with the patient standing or sitting. Technique of Percussion - I entirely agree with your comment that to obtain the loudest percussion note ideally the other fingers, apart from the middle finger, should not touch the skin surface.

Figure 4. Vocal Resonance However I agree that as written in the first paragraph of page there is some confusion Again I will make a note to clarify this for the next 12th edition. Aegophony page However I agree that it's position is a little confusing and again 1 will make a note of this when redrafting the next 12th edition. Examination Sequence page I will make sure this is removed at the next reprint.

We are enormously grateful to you for your attention to detail in pointing out these points. Yours sincerely,.

Channing Laboratory Brigham and Women's Hospital. I very much appreciate your interest in contributing to Harrison's. From : Regarding some queries on clinical medicine Laurence Hunter. Senior Commissioning Editor. I shall pass on to the Editors the comments and ask them to take full account of these in the revision of the book. Thank you once again for your interest in our publishing programme. With all good wishes. He had his postgraduation under my direct supervision and I found him extremely hardworking and very sincere.

His clinical acumen was superb. Kundu was one of my best students I had in my teaching career. I had every reason to believe that Dr. Kundu would be a veiy good teacher in Clinical Medicine in future. Today my expectation has come true. With the advent of newer and more sophisticated investigative procedures, importance of Clinical Medicine seems to be on the wane at present.

But in our country, costly investigations are out of reach to most of the patients. Kundu has attained sufficient knowledge about its protocol. I wish him all success. Date : First, I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to my parents and family members, whose constant encouragement has enabled me to complete this book. Next, I take the opportunity to extend my heartfelt reverence and fathomless gratitude to all my respected teachers. I feel, I should make a special mention of the names of Prof.

Kundu, MD Cal. This book would never have been completed without the help of my wife Mrs. Bijoya Kundu. I am greatly indebted to her. I owe deep sense of gratitude to Prof. Paul, MO Cal without whose constant encouragement, active guidance and blessings, this book would never have seen the light of the day. I am very much grateful to Mr. Bimal Dhur of Academic Publishers, whose advice has been of great help to me.

I am thankful to Mr. Robin Chatterjee and Ms. Lopamudra Paul for meticulously typing out the manuscript. I also heartily acknowledge Mr. To all, I am deeply obligated. Preface to the Sixth Edition. It gives me immense pleasure to present the sixth edition of the book in a new get-up.

The overwhelming success of the previous editions has encouraged me to bring out the present thoroughly revised new edition. Most of the chapters have been rewritten and signifantly revised maintaining the style and old tradition intact.

The book reviews a wide range of common clinical cases with discussion on core topics. I do believe, bedside medicine still holds strong in the era of high-tech medicine and this is why I have attempted to write this book dealing with common clinical problems as well as some fundamental information which the students are expected to know at the end of their clinical training.

Even with the availability of modern gadgets to have advanced and accurate investigations, clinical examination is very important in reaching a logical diagnosis. I have retained the original objectives of the book — totally clinically oriented, concise but comprehensive, and as far as practical with a lucid language. The new edition deals with different must-know areas in clinical medicine in a student-friendly way keeping the methodical and logical approach unaltered.

The problem-solving attitude will help the students in their oral and practical, as well as theoretical examination, and also in their professional life in future. I think that this monograph is a quick-reference ready-reckoner handbook and a learning-revision tool to increase the core knowledge.

I feel happy and jubilant as this book was nicely reviewed by renowned indexed journals, leading physicians, students and many academicians from different corners of the country. However, healthy suggestions and constructive criticisms through e-mail arup kundu hotmail. I would like to record my appreciation for Mr.


Arup Kumar Kundu-Bedside Clinics in Medicine, Part 1-Academic Publishers (2010)







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