The purpose of this article is to present contemporary varieties of panpsychism, i. Despite its popularity in the history of philosophy, the view has been thought, in the analytic tradition, to be unscientific. Nevertheless, in light of some insolvable problems with the explanation of mind, panpsychism has become a view which is taken seriously as a correct metaphysical theory. In this article, I propose a broad definition of panpsychism in order to uncover the possible causes of its variety.

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Eilan, J. Roessler red. Farrer, N. Frankfurt [] — H. Frith [] — C. Frith, The cognitive neuropsychology of schizophrenia, Lawrence Erlbaum, Hove Gallagher [] — S. Gallagher, Self-reference and schizophrenia: A cognitive model of immunity to error through misidentification, [w:], D.

Zahavi red. Hanna, E. Kulstad [] — M. Leibniz [] — G. Grua red. Leibniz, Die philosophischen Schriften, t. I-VII, C. Gerhardt red. Libet [] — B. McRae [] — R. Marcel [] — A. Pereboom [] — D. Widerker [] — D. Quick jump to page content. Home Archives No. Published: Dec 1, Keywords: free will, moral responsibility, sense of agency, Principle of Alternative Possibilities, Leibniz, Frankfurt, Velleman, Gallagher.

Leopold Hess Jagiellonian University. Abstract The problem of free will and the related problem of attributing moral responsibility are among the most discussed issues in contemporary philosophy. In the present paper we argue against the standard approach to this issue in terms of in compatibilism and the Principle of Alternate Possibilities. Invoking the arguments of Leibniz and some twentieth-century authors, we show that philosophers should focus on the issue of the conscious sense of agency that accompanies our voluntary actions.

In the final part of the paper we point out some promising lines of research on the empirical grounds of the sense of agency conducted by neurobiologists, cognitive scientists, and advocates of the embodied cognition paradigm. Downloads Download data is not yet available. Freedom without alternatives. In search for a basis for moral responsibility in Polish.

Diametros , n. Author Biographies. Inwagen [] — P. Cichowicz, PWN, Warszawa Velleman [] — J. Wegner [] — D.


Freedom without alternatives. In search for a basis for moral responsibility (in Polish)

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Panpsychism in the Recent Debates about the Mind

Our present knowledge in the field of dynamical systems, information theory, probability theory and other similar domains indicates that the human brain is a complex dynamical system working in a strong chaotic regime in which random processes play important roles. In this environment our mental life develops. To choose a logically ordered sequence from a random or almost random stream of thoughts is a difficult and energy consuming task. The only domain in which we are able to do this with a full success is mathematics. Just as linguistic or conceptual units are at the basis of the charactersistica universalis , his monads are responsible for physical activity of material bodies. When this rationalistic strategy is applied to the philosophy of space and time, it leads to their radically relational conception.


Rationality at Stake: Leibniz and the Beginnings of Newton’s Era

Eilan, J. Roessler red. Farrer, N. Frankfurt [] — H.

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