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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. One click, 2. Page 3 Airtime Display Page 4 Notepad Page 5 Flight Mode Please read all the information carefully for optimal performance and to prevent any damage to or misuse of the phone.

Any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this user guide could void your warranty for this equipment. Page 7 Never place your phone in a microwave oven as it will cause the battery to explode. Do not dispose of your battery by fire or with hazardous or flammable materials.

Make sure that no sharp-edged items come into contact with the battery. There is a risk of this causing a fire. The warranty will not be applied to products provided by other suppliers. Only authorized personnel should service the phone and its accessories. Do not use the phone with a damaged antenna. If a damaged antenna comes into contact with skin, a minor burn may result. Do not short-circuit.

Battery Disposal Please dispose of your battery properly or bring to your local wireless carrier for recycling. Do not dispose in fire or with hazardous or flammable materials. Earpiece 6. Navigation key 8. Right soft key 2. Left soft key 9. Send key 4. Alphanumeric keys 5. Earpiece 2,8. Send key: You can dial a phone number and answer incoming calls. Press this key in standby mode to quickly access the most recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Page Display Information Speakerphone www. When you press any key, the backlight turns on. It turns off if no key is pressed within a given period of time, depending on the Backlight Timer menu option. To specify the length of time the backlight is active, set the Backlight Timer menu option Menu 9. Icon Indicates the strength of the network signal. Indicates that GPRS service is available. Indicates the status of the battery charge.

Indicates a call is in progress. The plug-in SIM and its contacts can be easily damaged by scratches or bending, so be careful when handling, inserting or removing the card. To insert the battery, align the golden contacts of the battery with the corresponding connectors on the battery compartment. Press down on the opposite end of the battery until it snaps into place.

Attach the back cover by sliding up into position until it clicks. When a phone has been charged fully, disconnect the travel charger from the phone by pulling the connector out.

When the battery is fully charged, the bars in the battery indicator icon will flash on and off. Page Access Codes Getting Started Access Codes You can use the access codes described in this section to avoid unauthorized use of your phone. The access codes can be changed by using the Change Codes feature Menu 9. Security code 4 digits The security code protects the unauthorized use of your phone. These functions are arranged in menus and sub-menus, accessed via the two soft keys marked the left soft key and the right soft allows you to view and alter the settings of a particular function.

Make sure your phone is powered on. Enter a phone number including the area code. To edit a number on the display screen, simply press the key to erase one digit at a time. Press and hold the the entire number. Answering a Call When you receive a call, the phone rings and the flashing phone icon appears on the screen. For example, storing names in the Address Book, writing a message, or creating scheduling events in the calendar all require entering text.

The following text input methods are available in the phone. Page Using The Abc Mode As new letters are added, the word changes to reflect the most likely candidate from the dictionary.

When you are in the T9 predictive text input mode, start entering a word by pressing keys key per letter. To access these functions during a call, press the right soft key [Options]. During a Call The menu displayed on the handset screen during a call is different than the default main menu displayed when in idle screen, and the options are Page Conference Calls Speaker On. The speakerphone indicator ] will display on the display screen.

The loudspeaker is automatically deactivated when you end the call. Conference Calls The conference service provides you with the ability to have a simultaneous Print page 1 Print document 26 pages.

Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


LG 300G Manual / User Guide Download PDF

Use manuals file type: PDF. LG Electronics - Mobile. About Contact Database Add Listing. Documents: - Owner Manual English - 4. Retain it for future reference. All rights reserved.


LG Electronics LG300G Mobile Phone with Bluetooth® and Compact Design - Use Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. One click, 2. Page 3 Airtime Display Page 4 Notepad


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G170EG01 V0 PDF

LG LG300G User Manual


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