Just three hours rather than the normal 18 and no need to close the waterway — all made possible by the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. Tampico is on the Gulf of Mexico and is a major industrial center with its own port. These were hoisted onto barges in component form by the LR before being transported to the south of the Gulf of Mexico. The loads for hoisting were gigantic. Up to 1, tonnes had to be positioned on the barges using a radius of up to 38 meters. The Liebherr 3,tonne crawler crane is ideal for this work and delivers significant benefits compared to the previous method for loading oil platforms.

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One of the other 3 Liebherr LR cranes delivered. The tonne crane is the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. It is the fourth crane of this type to be delivered. Energy company Titan-2 gave three reasons for investing in the largest crawler crane in the world. Firstly, the LR delivers enormous mobile lifting capacities combined with compact dimensions.

It is the only crawler crane in this size class which can operate without derrick ballast, which is a major benefit when space is at a premium. This is made possible by a slewing ring which Liebherr developed and also manufactures in-house, and which features an extremely high lifting capacity. The great reliability of Liebherr machines was another major positive for the Russian company, and finally, the extremely good, close relationship between Titan-2, the Russian Liebherr subsidiary, Liebherr-Russland OOO, and the manufacturing plant in Ehingen played a major role in the decision.

Russian company Titan-2 celebrated its 25th anniversary in March The group employs more than 10, people and is active in a wide range of sectors. These include the construction of nuclear power plants and combined heat and power plants, as well as oil, gas and chemical plants.

Over the next ten years, the LR will be involved in the construction of a nuclear power plant in the south of Turkey. The high performance and compact dimensions of the LTF Source Liebherr. Company profiles All company profiles.


Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane loads massive oil platform

The LR is a versatile crane fit for any job, the boom system can be configured in four different versions erectable from light to super heavy. The boom has a maximum length of The LR crane is equipped with a powerhouse 2 x Liebherrcylinder turbo diesel that produces a total of HP. The winches come standard with single drive, for a maximum of fail proof operation and service friendliness. In case of failure a drive can be changed under load. Depending on the size of the job the LR is built with an increased superstructure ballast for operation without derrick ballast.


Titan-2 Takes The World’s Most Powerful Crawler Crane, The Liebherr LR 13000



Liebherr LR13000




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