Quality of health care for diabetic and hipertensive patients in primary care settings servicing Mexican Seguro Popular. Autor de correspondencia. Estudio transversal realizado en To assess health care quality provided to type-2 diabetic and hypertensive patients in primary care settings from the Mexican Ministry of Health and to evaluate whether accredited clinics providing services to the Mexican Seguro Popular performed better in terms of metabolic control of those patients compared to the non-accredited.

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Correspondencia Dr. Recibido: 8 de septiembre de Aceptado: 8 de octubre de Material and methods: This transversal comparative study was carried out in 15 Mexican states, through the accomplishment reports of the treatment basic goals of the GAM integrants by June of , compared to the reported figures by the Health Information System for Open Population SISPA , Ministry of Health on the same date.

The studied variables are: age, sex, blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, physical activity and pharmacological treatment. Results: The treatment basic goals accomplishment for 6, people with diabetes was evaluated, all of them attended the Ministry of Health GAMs, in 15 of the 32 Mexican states including the Federal District.

The obese diabetics group had a higher risk of being uncontrolled, in relation to the group of non-obese diabetics OR 1. When comparing the sedentary to the non-sedentary group it was found that the sedentary diabetics presented 1.

Conclusions: The Mutual Help Groups are a fundamental strategy in the educational line for improving the disease control, since people with diabetes or hypertension and their relatives play an active role in treatment development accomplishment, as well as in the disease prevention and control. Key words: Diabetes.

No se encontraron diferencias por sexo. No se encontraron diferencias entre sexos. Se observa que hay una diferencia de 13 puntos porcentuales. Emma E. Godeleva Robledo Madrid, Sonora - Dra. Doris Y. Pool Heredia, Zacatecas - Dra. Obesity Research ; Diabetes Care ; Programa de Salud del adulto y el Anciano. Rev Endocrinol Nutr ; 9 3 : National Institutes of Health. N Engl J Med ; Rev Mex Cardiol ; 12 4 : En Prensa Geneva, June Intensive blood-glucose control with sulphonylureas or insulin compared with conventional treatment and risk of complications in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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(DGPS) - Materiales Educativos y de Comunicación de Riesgos

Secretariado del Consejo Nacional de Salud. Escuela Superior de Medicina. Facultad de Medicina. Tratamiento y control. Urgencia hipertensiva.


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