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Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Model shown is KX-TG The unit is Caller ID compatible. To display the caller's name and phone number,.

Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use. Table of Contents. Dect 6. Page 2: Accessories Attach your purchase receipt here. Copyright: This material is copyrighted by Panasonic Communications Co. All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the written consent of Panasonic Communications Co.

You can expand the system by adding up to 3 accessory handsets, sold separately. A maximum of 4 handsets can be registered to the base unit. Page 4: Table Of Contents Installation Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use p. If it is flashing, set the date and time p. Message counter shows: — It is normal for the adaptor to feel warm during use. If your unit is connected to a telephone line with DSL service, see page Close the cover.

To replace the battery: Press the notch on the cover firmly and slide it as indicated by the arrow. Page Battery Information A nickel metal hydride battery that is recyclable powers the product you have purchased. Page Programmable Settings Programmable Settings Programming Guidelines The unit has several programmable functions which can be selected from the function menu on the display p.

See the corresponding pages for function details. Main menu p. Page Date And Time Programmable Settings Date and Time We recommend you set the date and time so that the unit will announce the day and time each message was recorded when you play back messages.

Press [MENU]. If the line buttons on the base unit do not light properly, or the line status icons are not displayed on the handset properly, the line mode selection is incorrect. You do not need to press [C] or [s]. The factory preset is OFF. Page Ringer Volume Programmable Settings Ringer Volume You can set the handset and base unit ringer volumes to high, medium, low, or off for each line.

The factory preset for both lines is HIGH. If the handset or base unit ringer is turned off for both lines, the handset or base unit will ring at the low level for intercom calls, and will not ring for outside calls. Page 25 Temporary ringer off While the handset is ringing, you can turn the ringer off temporarily by pressing [OFF]. The handset will ring again the next time a call is received for that line.

Base unit ringer volume Base Unit Make sure the base unit is not being used. If you select a melody pattern, you will not be able to distinguish lines by their ringers. Page 27 Base unit ringer tone Base Unit Make sure the base unit is not being used. You cannot set the ringer for both lines at the same time. Page Preparing The Answering Preparing the Answering System Greeting Message You can record a personal greeting message of up to 2 minutes for each line or a common greeting message for both lines.

If you do not record your own message, one of 2 pre-recorded greetings will be played for callers p. The total recording time of all messages greeting, incoming and memo is about 60 minutes. Record your greeting again. To review the greeting 1.

Each line has its own setting. Page Making Calls 2 or more handsets p. The maximum operating number may decrease depending on the state of use. Page 35 To redial using the redial list Memory Redial The last 5 phone numbers dialed are stored in the redial list.

Scroll to the desired number by pressing [d] or [B]. Voice Enhancer Technology can be turned on or off. Page Using The Base Unit When the handset is not in use, you can also turn this feature on or off by performing the following steps: 1. Press [MENU] while the handset is not in use.

To return to the call, press the line button that is flashing. The line button will flash rapidly on the base unit. You can answer the second call while holding the first call. You can also make a call without terminating the first call. If you subscribe to Caller ID, caller names and phone numbers will be displayed and recorded in the Caller List. Caller information is sorted by the most recent call to the oldest. When the 51 call is deleted. For example, it can ignore the area code of calls originating from your area code, so that you can call these numbers from the Caller List without dialing the area code.

Press [d] or [B] to enter the Caller List. Scroll to the desired caller by pressing [d] or [B]. Storing pauses with numbers will prevent misdialing p. The delay time necessary will depend on your telephone company.

Press each button until the desired character is displayed. This feature can be used, for example, to first automatically dial a calling card access number that you have stored in the phone book, then manually or automatically dial your PIN and then automatically dial the destination number from the phone book.

The destination handset will save the items in its phone book. You will need to re-send the item s later. Page Copy All Items To copy all of the items in your phone book to another handset Make sure the destination handset is not in use. The dialing buttons [0] to [9] function as memory stations.

Make sure the base unit is not being used. Page Intercom Intercom Intercom calls can be made between a handset and the base unit, and between 2 handsets when the system has 2 or more handsets, p. You can page all handsets at once from the base unit, and announce the page to all handsets Voice Paging, p.

Page Voice Paging Voice Paging Base Unit The base unit user can make a voice announcement that is heard through the speakers of all handsets. Wait for the paged party to answer, then you can announce the transfer. Page 60 Transferring a Call Quick call transfer You can transfer a call without waiting for the paged party to answer.

Handset 1. Press the extension number [0] for the base unit, [1] to [4] for the handset. Page Conference Calls Conference Calls Conference call with 2 outside calls While you are talking with an outside caller, you can make or answer a second call on the other line, and then combine the calls to establish a conference call. Page Call Share Conference Calls Conference with an outside call and an intercom call While you are talking with an outside caller, another user can join the conversation using the handset or the base unit and establish a conference call.

Page Room Monitor Room Monitor This feature allows you to monitor a room by using the intercom feature. For example, you can monitor a baby from different areas of the house. You can call the destination unit to monitor the room. The called unit will not ring. When the system has 2 or more handsets p. Page 64 Room Monitor To monitor with The unit to be monitored must not be in use and the handset to be monitored must be off the base unit.

To call another handset, press its extension number [1] to [4]. When muting your conversation, you can hear the other party.

During an intercom call p. If this feature is turned on, incoming call tones will be heard for as long as the line is ringing. There are 3 types of line selection. You can change the line selection for the handset and base unit separately. Callers can then leave a message. When turning the Answering System on, you can select the lines it will answer calls from. To answer the call, press the called line button. For playback, start again from the beginning after hanging up. Page Voice Menu To play back messages for the desired line s 1.

To listen to messages for LINE 1, press [ ][1]. To listen to messages for LINE 2, press [ ][2].


Panasonic KX-TG6502 User Manual

Operating Instructions. Pulse-or-tone dialing capability. The unit is Caller ID compatible. Charge the battery for 6 hours before initial use. Model shown is KX-TG Panasonic manuals.


Panasonic KX-TG6500 Manuals



Panasonic KX-TG6500 Operating Instructions Manual


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