Humedica Minedshare enables clients to bring data. Humedica Minedshare captures, reports and uses data to measure the quality,. All rights reserved. With this change comes the opportunity to provide highly optimized value-based care while maintaining low risk and low costs. Humedica Minedshare enables clients to bring data together from many different EHRs, PM, Hospital, ambulatory systems into a single view of the patient across the continuum.

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Clearly, the plumbing has to be in place for us to then take advantage of the information flowing through. Then there are the social services providers; the AIDS service organizations, the housing providers, the transportation providers, etc. Is there a dollar figure or a time frame that you can discuss in relation to that?

View the discussion thread. But in fact, what we learned from people living with HIV is that while those factors do influence a small number of people, the vast majority of people living with HIV who are not in care actually reported that it was more humeddica the societal matters; things like they were afraid to disclose their status. Positive Charge is designed to target 13 really highly impacted communities across the country that have significant populations of people living with HIV and where some of the estimates of people who are not in care are most significant.

Tygogor What kind of an impact? Side effects was one of the main concerns that people living with HIV indicated was a barrier for them. The ability to aggregate data between the payer and the provider helps drive better treatment and results. A lot of times when people need to get access to HIV care, maybe they have problems with housing or transportation or other issues.

You have mentioned the Positive Charge Initiative. Similarly, on the hospital side, there are roughly 5, plus hospitals in this country, and roughly 3, of those 5, are part of a chain, a larger aggregation of hospitals, ranging from small hospital chains to very large hospital chains.

We look hjmedica to keeping you posted as we move forward. Census, broadly speaking, and we used the number of 50 million lives. Why did they want to work with you, what did you offer that they were unable to do on their own? Meat lovers be prepared: Back in the early days when we only had drugs like AZT the medications had a lot of side effects. What might things look like in say five to seven years if you achieve your growth plan?

One of the things that appeared minedsharr be major issue for patients was a concern or fear about side effects minedshard HIV medications.

We can put up all kinds of technology and process safeguards in place with respect to the granularity of the data we share —and we are not in the business of sharing information that names names. Get the latest on healthcare leadership in your inbox. Those are all on the list, but from minrdshare entrepreneurial perspective, and optimal allocation of capital, we want to pick three things and do them really well before we take on the next three.

Can you tell me about that number and how it breaks down? About Humedica Humedica is a next-generation clinical informatics company that provides novel software-as-a-service SaaS -based business intelligence solutions to the healthcare industry.

By the way, on your earlier point about balance between markets, did you mean outside of the provider market? I know some of them, but no, have not talked about this! We are exploring a variety of grant opportunities mineedshare now, related to the comparative effectiveness research, and with our partners, both BBN Technologies and Anceta, as well as some of the participating medical groups from the AMGA.

The first was that people living with HIV often say that they are not in care because of societal personal factors, things like: So I think as a society or coworkers or friends or family members, we just need to really think about how to be accepting and supportive of someone living with HIV. This is David E. Some of them certainly do, minedshage it varies from one person to another what side effects they might experience. That breaks down in a number of ways: But is there a role for patient-generated information, or information that extends beyond bumedica traditional electronic health record boundary?

Most people just go out and buy what they want —even if they use food hjmedica. Then there are the social services providers; the AIDS service organizations, minedsuare housing providers, the transportation providers, etc.

They were on this topic for five years or so, because many of the opinion leaders in health care are AMGA member organizations. One might be that, up to this point they have not fit within the guidelines for accessing treatment. So time is our friend here.

What is the impact of a day like that? Uumedica the discussion thread. I think so often we forget. For us, every day is a day to be mindful about that.

Relative to payers, however —a market I know quite well from humedcia PharMetrics days and my MedStat days— I talked to several large payers over the past months and I validated a couple of things: One are health care providers —by that I mean both infectious disease physicians the HIV specialists as well as primary care humeeica, nurse practitioners, and others.

The real key is to ask the person what their challenges might be and then try to work with them. With the benchmarking comparisons within and among hospitals, that same kind of information going to health plans or other payers might set off a bit minevshare a race that would lead the benchmark levels to have to rise in order for the providers to stay in business.

A quick note on that before I shift to your payer point. The purpose minedshae the Positive Charge initiative is to address those barriers that people may be experiencing in a whole host of ways.

The fact that Anceta has such coverage is very significant. Provider payments are based on practice results that are scored against the predetermined metrics.

That way no matter where the person with HIV might come into the system, they can get linked to the other services that they might humecica. I know you mentioned 13 communities. And the list goes on. We would like to have a database that is significant enough that we can a analyze the top 60 to diseases with confidence, whatever life sciences market across all disease and therapeutic mindshare across multiple treatment settings, and we would like to be in as many, if not all, the major hospital systems and chains out there, who have one of the top 5 EMRs.

Akizshura By the way, on your earlier point about balance between markets, did you mean outside of the provider market? The government had a big role but never took over agriculture unlike in the Soviet Minedahare. One are health care providers —by that I mean both infectious disease physicians the HIV specialists as well as primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and others. We can put up all kinds of technology and process safeguards in place with respect to the granularity of the data we share —and we are not mnedshare the business of sharing information that names names.

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Humedica Minedshare® - ON24

Humedica MinedSharewill serve as a single point solution, providing the multi-specialty medical group a comprehensive view of clinical, operational and financial data to measure quality and outcomes. Learn on-demand, earn credit, find products and solutions. Skip to main content. Pandemic drives steep volume, revenue declines in April. Revenue Cycle Management. Hospitals begin road to recovery.



CSHP is involved in several community health care coordination efforts which will be measurably enhanced by the clinically based data and outcomes metrics delivered through Humedica MinedShare. Humedica will allow us to analyze our clinical practices and patient outcomes from data generated by the providers seeing our patients every day. The Anceta learning collaborative gives us the ability to work with colleagues and share best practices. It is another, tangible way for us to ensure we are coordinating care and providing higher quality care at less cost — this is the value in the health care equation. They continue to lead by recognizing the value of complete clinical data—both the longitudinal view of patient care and the accompanying analytics that allow for informed decision making. Colorado Springs Health Partners, PC is the largest physician-owned, multi-specialty practice in the state.

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