Mantenha os ataques constantes com Yangus, enquanto usa Psyche Up com seu personagem. Fique atento com seu HP, nunca o deixando abaixo de Volte para Farebury e visite Valentina. Siga pela estrada rumo leste e entre na torre adiante.

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The purpose of this guide is to help those who have already played through the game at least once to collect every single item and fill out every chart from alchemy, items and monsters including their drops.

I highly recommend you use this guide on at least your second time through because you will be buying a whole lot of items you won't use for half the game in preparation of an alchemy formula as well as not buying useful equipment as you'd get it later. Also I will only list the alchemy fomulas as you attain enough ingredients to do every single formula in which that ingredient is used. Since you will then in theory be low on money and have sub-par items unless you do alot of fighting you need to know what to do in order to survive.

I only mention the casino items once the Baccarat casino is unlocked as it is way easier to get tokens there and starting at that point if you are low on money I suggest buying Prayer Rings en masse and selling them as they give the best return and the price never goes down. Also I do not mention any prizes from Morries Monstrous Pit until you meet Marta for the first time as around Orkutsk you will find Cybot and Roborg whom with Talos can easily take you past the dreaded B ranking as opposed to relying on luck beforehand.

As I go through the game I am being perfectionist in a crazed sort of way in which I refuse to have a single defeat, run away or intimidation on my records on top of the fact that since the game records your stats for when you beat the game the first time, I am also trying for a speed run so as to have a good time recorded.

This means that I won't be levelling or getting gold, just getting all the items and moving on ASAP but that I also will fight every battle and if I lose, hit reset and start from where I left off. My strategies however short they may be are revolved around this and adhere very strictly to this guide so that I'm not leading you falsely. If you do a bit of levelling or item buying not mentioned by this list, that is a good way to make life easier for you. Finally I am basing alot of preparation upon a single set of ultimate equipment for everyone which includes their best weapon of all 4 types and any equipment which changes their appearance.

Yours is likely different than mine and it will affect what items you need. At the end when all of the formulas are know it will be easy enough to make whatever you want anyways. Though there is currently a strategy on how to beat his forms, I will eventually remove it in favor of a generalized set of strategies for those who had a different setup than I throughout the game.

Also planning on doing another playthrough in which I write down where within towns and dungeons you find treasures, didn't consider it early enough to implement it this time but it allows me more reason to play a game where I use all the skill sets I never touched until now. Version 1. I sincerely apologize for having missed it before. Also added in how to unlock monster animations in the monster drop section, though uncomplete as of yet at least current findings are mentioned.

Section 1: Walkthrough Section 2: Remaining Items and Alchemy Formulas Section 3: Arena Monsters Section 4: Monster Drops Section 5: Item Lists and Alchemy Requirements Section 1: Walkthrough FAREBURY After getting items talk to Kalderasha in the pub to open up the series of events to send you out on the quest for his crystal ball, nice and easy.

Having Yangus use herbs and the Hero cast Heal when needed and attacking when not, it was an easy enough battle. I personally use scythes for no reason other than to steal about 20 items throughout the course of the entire game since it helps complete the monster drop list. Other than that, Since I went to Port Prospect I was level 9 when I went into the Tower and had no real troubles, even had half my magic left by the end. Be sure to rest up and save before talking to Jess in the Lighthouse and also give Yangus some Medicinal Herbs.

I was on level 10 and had put all my skill points into Scythes for Yangus and he was my only attacker. Khalamari follows a simple pattern of Fire Breath which did 35 damage to the Hero and 30 to Yangus, then a Regular Attack which dealt about 25 damage to either followed by a group attack which did just under 20 damage to each.

Then he'd attack, then group attack and finally another regular attack before repeating the whole process. If you keep the Hero on constant healing duty and have Yangus Psyche up to 50 which had him deal over damage each time he will die in 3 hits and you should be both alive if you have Yangus use an Herb if and when needed. Since anyone could have their turn at any time it is based a bit on luck so if you don't have the patience I do, gain another level or two before trying.

This goes against not making stuff until you have all the ingredients needed fo each formula which uses the item but this is the only instance of doing so as it would be silly to wait until an enemy drops the final one you need as you do not find enough and the Thief's Key is extremely useful until Trodain. At this point run around and take all the valuables and if the Key is not done by then keep running until it is.

Once it is done, open the chests outside to unlock a store and get Gold Coins which gave me just enough to buy all the items needed and have a mere 21 Gold Coins left. Right now there is no reason to stop off at the Abbey so head past it for now to Simpleton. I was level 14 when I got to the boss and all I did was to have everyone psyche up to 20 and hit him with everyone.

He should die in just a few more hits after that and you will be fully healed afterwards. I got very lucky and he summoned his 2 guys right before my hero hit which let me kill one and almost kill the other before they could act. Anywho, once you leave the barn head back to town for more cutscenes and finally talk to Marcello to get your last member and the ever-useful World Map before heading East again.

On your way out the maid will stop you and ask you to talk to her grandma who lives in a house by the Riverside Chapel. The grandma will tell you how to get to Wisher's Peak via a path behind her house. You should have plenty for the items to buy here. An unskippable cutscene. Not too bad the first time through but 3 times in you'll start getting annoyed probably.

Just be sure to be patient at the top of the hill for the door to appear. One is the suit of armor you saw on the way to the Ruined Abbey, another is on the beach south of Red's later on, and the last is in front of Trodain castle when you get there. After talking to Dodgy dave in the other Pub you can find the crook in the abandoned house by the watchtower and he'll tell ya he sold it to Red wh lives Southwest of town.

As for the items, I had plenty of money for the stuff that I could use but had to get a few things when I got back from the next dungeon. The enemies in the dungeon itself weren't too bad as long as I kept healed but I was rather low on magic by the end. Wasn't a big problem however as with Angelo constantly using Kabuff he eventually was doing only 1 damage against me. His other attacks which were rarely used were to cast Crackle, make an armor piercing desperate attack which did about 80 damage and to try to inflict confuse on you.

He did this to Jessica who was then gone for the rest of the battle due to paralysis. Just use Tension and keep your health up and Kabuff on and you will be safe. If you spend a night or two here, you will see King Trode fix up the Alchemy Pot and wink at you meaning it can now hold 3 ingredients.

Unfortunately there's nothing good to make yet, but it's something to tide you over if you're running low on recipes to make. The enemies here aren't really dangerous at all but if you need to, once you head through the short tunnel, there is a chapel to rest and save midway there. Once you reach the castle you can also finally start hunting for recruitable monsters as you'll find the last of Morries monsters here right in front of the castle.

If you wish to start collecting a few, head to the section at the end on monster locations to find out which ones you can get but I will act as though you do not have any until later on.

The enemies aren't deadly just yet though the Dragonthorns breath attack will be very annoying. I recommend however heading up the stairs first and when you enter the doors to turn left and clear out that area first. That way you'll have the map and Magic Key before heading deeper into the castle. There's no boss here again so at level 21 I had no difficulty.

But oh Noes, it has been stolened!!! Nothing but an inconvenience however, it's just a short jaunt through a cave and a very small area to get through to the next dungeon. With all the Mischevious Moles, there is very little danger. I was level 22 and Jessica finally had Oomph.

The First round Don Mole always plays music which rarely works on you but almost always works on the Soul Moles. I personally kill them off but when confused they often attack each other, run away or are paralysed. After this Don Moles regular attacks deal about 40 damage or he shakes the ground which does 40 damage to all or he summons another mole. He may also sing again after awhile but that's not a big threat. Just Oomph, use a few Kabuffs and tensions mixed with attacks and he will not ba a problem at all unles like myself you are insane and insist on having a certain number of Soul Mole kills in your beastiary I like to have an even number.

The Scorpions are best dealt with with magic and Tap Devils can do a death dance which has killed me outright before on a few occasions being left with one person tends to get me killed as well. Since you will find these guys on Neos island as well as other islands you'll want to start saving VERY often. Here there's not much to do other than create a warp point and move onto Neos which is to the Southwest in between the continents. You can however finally make some nice money if you are lucky as there are Gold Golems on Neos island if you are willing to risk other fights with your crappy equipment assuming you listened to me of course and saved your money but if you make it to town you'll be treated with your new warp base of operations and a nice couple of shops to buy stuff.

However I had not enough money even as cheap as I had been throughout the game even with a few Gold Golem encounters. Since there will be a few more towns soon after Neos you can pretty much prepare to be poor forever.

Just around getting the Ship I had completed all of the Medicinal Herb recipes so I assume others who aren't making a beeline for the next area will also be complete and so you also have to choose between what you need to survive and what you need for recipes. This promises to be a long portion of the game unless you level and build up some money or had done so earlier. There's no save point here despite being a religious town so prepare to use alot of warping, I also recommend using the Hilltop Hut instead of paying Gold Pieces to sleep on the floor here.

There is also an area West of Pickham which was blocked off by mountains and an island just West of that. West of Neos there is a large isolated beach and finally in the Southwest corner of the world there is an unnamed island that isn't on the World Map.

The Pirate's Cove and the cape West of Pickham however have some deadly enemies on them if you aren't prepared so take care in your item hunting before moving onto the populated and larger continents. The hidden island is home to Canniboxes and Mimics and I myself got 4 Iron Nails just from getting the 2 chests on the island so if you do as well, this opens up some recipes I have listed after the walkthrough.

I also recommend getting off at the Northeasterly most point of the island in order to pick up the Gold Pieces there before running around. The enemies here aren't dangerous at all, you'd almost think that you were supposed to go here as opposed to running around a bunch of random islands or something Either way, follow the road to Baccarat. I still of course lack money but that problem will only get far worse before it gets better. Head into the Inn to witness the scene between the bartender and the innkeep before talking to the bartender downstairs to learn about what's up here before heading on to get one of the most useful items in the game.

Just South of Baccarat you'll find a small area with one guy guarding a house. Answer Tom's questions the answers are painfully obvious and accept the mission from his master. Now all you really need to do is to follow the road South of his Chateau all the way around until it disappears and keep going.


Super dicas ! - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Detonado Dragon Quest Viii

Version: 1. It has been streamlined specifically for the 3DS version, and as such, will not be useful for any version of the game made prior to it. No man is an island, and I had some help along the way in making this guide a reality. These are the people who helped me out at various points. Red Scarlet - Wrote the original PS2 version guide to DQ8 that I used back in the day; its thoroughness was an inspiration for this guide's own. After the game's opening cinematic concludes, you will find yourself in control of the protagonist whom you named when you chose to start a new game. Toss the nearby barrels about for a Medicinal Herb.


Alchemy Pot Completo - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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