This regulation prescribes U. As of. As most commodities can be obtained within 72 hours if they are part of a. Any emerging doctrine associated with contractors on the battlefield should not be.

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The references identified in this section were utilized to create the this guide. Where possible, Internet links have been provided. The reference information is listed in the following order: United States Government, Department of Defense, states, and commercial sources. Moving U. Forces: Options for Strategic Mobility.

Congressional Budget Office February Strauss-Wieder, Inc. February Understanding the Defense Transportation System, Handbook Transportation Command September 1, Movement Control, Field Manual February 9, Strategic Deployment, Field Manual October 3, Authorization to view restricted documents may be obtained by registering online.

Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plans —The plan provides for State-level emergency operations in response to any type of disaster or large-scale emergency affecting Virginia. The plan also describes duties and responsibilities of departments, agencies, and support organizations for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

State of Florida Emergency Plan —The plan provides guidance to State and local officials on procedures, organization, and responsibilities, as well as an integrated and coordinated local, State, and Federal response. Georgia Hurricane Planning Guide —This document provides guidance about hurricane preparedness for and response to the threat to or landfall of a hurricane in the State of Georgia. The plan is designed for use at the local level for all counties as well as for public and private organizations that support the Emergency Support Functions ESF.

Mississippi Department of Transportation's Comprehensive Emergency Transportation Response Plan CETRP —This plan identifies the responsibilities, policies, and procedures of the Mississippi Department of Transportation relating to highway traffic regulations and control when the CETRP is implemented in a national or State emergency and during natural, manmade or technological emergencies.

Ohio Emergency Operations Plan —The plan establishes a framework through which the State of Ohio responds to and recovers from disasters that affect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. It also lists the responsibilities and authority of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. It also discusses future needs for safer and more effective hurricane evacuation. Texas Emergency Management Homepage. Army Table of Organization and Equipment. Federation of American Scientists updated March 8, Changes Ahead.

RAND Publishing Preparing the U. Eric V. Larson, John E. Table of Contents. Skip to content. Table of Contents Coordinating Military Deployments on Roads and Highways: A Guide for State and Local Agencies This publication is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information. Appendix E. References The references identified in this section were utilized to create the this guide.

Deployment Planning Guide, Pamphlet May East Coast Ports March Highways for National Defense April Highway Systems June Intelligent Transportation Systems June Ports for National Defense September Railroads for National Defense September Huff, Sharon E.

July Humphrey, Thomas F. December


Grayling Logistics



FORSCOM Regulation 700-2 Standing Logistics Instructions - IAFF




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