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Subscribe to Posts Subscribe to Comments. Posted by DomainGang on June 30, , at am. Lazy Domainers are everywhere. Jimmy Henry Bollux is one of many domain investors that are clearly suffering from lazy domainer syndrome , or LDS. With competition at domain auction venues such as Flippa rising fast, Bollux needs to up his game fast. Flippa is setting up several domain motivation seminars this summer; some will offer special courses designed for the slothful and the lazy, others will be tailored for domainers without any investor self-esteem.

Jimmy Henry Bollux is optimistic, but worried that he might turn into a hyper-active, busy-brain domainer. Domains will sell at Flippa. That is why they are lazy. Your email address will not be published. DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry!

Follow us, and learn more about the wonderful world of domaining! Return to top of page Posts Comments. Home Testimonials About Us Advertising. Flippa to the rescue : Lazy domainer an example of slothfulness and negativity Posted by DomainGang on June 30, , at am.

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The Lazy Domainer’s Way to Fail

Dietmar Stefitz is our guest on the Blacknight Podcast today. Blacknight is a sponsor of the event. A native of Austria, Dietmar has lived for many years in Valencia, Spain. That was the home of the first Domaining Spain event in , which developed into Domaining Europe over the years. Now for the tenth anniversary, the event returns to Valencia where it will take place this year from 7 to 9 June.


The Lazy Domainer

Domain thieves? Yes, a sly subcategory of those domain buyers and resellers we call domainers. To buy a dropped or expiring domain name also known as: drop catching is not an illegal activity in itself: you are buying domains that nobody claims anymore and if you mean to use them legitimately for personal or commercial purposes , then you are a good domainer, not a thief. Of course, to be a good domainer means that you ought to make sure the domain names you purchase are non-branded — i. Then, there are domainers who buy for reselling purposes, and this is yet another legitimate activity. Unfortunately, not all domainers are good marketers. Some are, to say it blatantly, quite obsessed; once they have spotted a specific domain — that they find appealing for its name, PageRank, link popularity, Alexa or mozRank — they'll make use of every known measure to acquire it, even to the extent that they'll try to cheat the registrant's good faith or try to violate their privacy.


lazy domainer - need a review!

Oh, I never went to medical school, let me give you some medical advice. No Research. Sure, everything on the internet does look easy — the market is growing fast, and even if you are not the best in your field, you can still do well. However, that does not mean you can skip putting in the time and effort needed to learn the fundamentals.

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