Embed Size px x x x x Based on this document technicians can be repair error. Can anyone please help me in finding the manual forpanasonic KX-fl fax. High Speed Laser Fax and Copier. High Speed Laser Fax andCopier.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. If lead free solder was used in the manufacture of this product the printed circuit boards will be marked PbF. Standard leaded, Pb , solder can be used as usual on boards without the PbF mark. When this mark does appear please read and follow the special instructions described in this manual on the use of PbF and how. Table of Contents. Panasonic high speed laser fax with copier function operating instructions 70 pages.

Summary of Contents for Panasonic KX-FLCX Page 1 When this mark does appear please read and follow the special instructions described in this manual on the use of PbF and how it might be permissible to use Pb solder during service and repair work. All rights reserved. We will use PbF solder when discussing the lead free solder used in our manufacturing process which is made from Tin, Sn , Silver, Ag , and Copper, Cu. See the figure below. Pb Free is not used the Power Supply Board of this unit.

Before servicing, unplug the AC power cord to prevent an electric shock. Check the condition of the power cord. Replace if wear or damage is evident. The earth lead is fixed with the screw. The AC connector is connected properly. Wind the earth lead around the core 4 times. Never disassemble the unit for service with the AC power supply plugged in. Therefore, always unplug the AC power cord before disassembling for service. For instance, clothes rubbing together can damage electric elements or change their electrical characteristics.

In order to prevent static electricity, touch a metallic part that is grounded to release the static electricity. The dimensions given are necessary for the unit to operate efficiently. Pull the tension plate forward and attach the paper tray cover , then push the tension plate back. Use copies for fax transmission. Page 23 We recommend you replace the drum unit every fourth time you replace the toner cartridge.

To check the drum life and quality, please print the printer test list. To ensure that the unit operates properly, we recommend the use of Panasonic toner cartridge Model No. Tap on the used toner cartridge several times to allow the remaining toner to fall into the drum unit.

Remove the drum and toner unit by holding the two tabs. Be careful when handling. Install the drum and toner unit by holding the tabs.

Close the front cover by pushing down on both sides, until locked. Periodic maintenance Inspect the equipment periodically and if necessary, clean any contaminated parts. Check for breakdowns Look for problems and consider how they arose. The document feed roller carries the document Clean the upper glass with a soft and dry cloth. Push back the inner cover. Reconnect the power cord and the telephone line cord. Lift open the front cover , holding OPEN.

Hold the center part of the front cover , and pull open the inner cover. When the recording paper has jammed in the unit If the unit does not eject any recording paper during reception or copying, the recording paper has jammed and the display will show the following massage. Pull the tension plate forward , then remove the paper tray cover.

Remove the recording paper , then remove the drum and toner unit to allow the jammed paper to pull free from the rear cabinet. Push back the levers to the original position. Re-insert the recording paper. When the recording paper is not fed into the unit properly The display will show the following. Remove the recording paper. The explanations given in the [ ] are for servicemen only.

Remove the jammed document. Press the STOP to remove the document. This facilitates communication between the user and the service man while programming the unit.

When complaints are received from customers, they provide an effective tool for identifying the locations and causes of malfunctions. When it is required to judge the print quality, compare with Note: The above values are the default values. Item No. If it is not recorded, NONE will be displayed.

OUT LINE Troubleshooting is for recovering quality and reliability by determining the broken component and replacing, adjusting or cleaning it as required. First, determine the problem then decide the troubleshooting method. If you have difficulty finding the broken part, determine which board is broken.

The short initialization makes the unit enter the standby mode. The long initialization makes the unit enter the The temperature is monitored with the thermistor inside the fuser and detected with the voltage input into IC pin. PRINT 6. Symptom Content Possible cause The paper dose not feed properly when faxing. Troubleshooting Problem with the feeding Copying is also not possible. Refer to the next page. Some causes may be when the fax changes to the memory receiving mode for example, when out of paper.

Journal 2 displays the additional detailed information about the last 35 communications. Descriptions: 1 RCV. MODE Indicates which receive mode the unit was in when the unit received a fax message. Press the MENU button.

The report prints out. If initialization fails for the ICs, the system will not boot up. A signal route to be tested is determined depending upon purposes. For example, the handset TX route begins at the handset microphone and the signal is output to the telephone line. Check the document sensor.. Check the paper feed sensor..

Check the DRUM sensor.. Check the regist sensor.. Check the paper sensor.. Check the exit switch.. Check the toner sensor.. Open the TOP cover. Remove the developing unit, if it is equipped. This comes from our experience with experimental tests.

For example: power supply and lightning surge voltage test, withstanding voltage test, intentional short circuit test, etc. Q The worst case of Q is a short-circuit between the Drain and Gate because damage expands to the peripheral circuit of Q Many of the peripheral functions are handled by custom designed LSIs. As a result,the CPU only needs to process the results. Function The analog section works as an interface between the telephone line.

It is composed of an EXT. Circuit Operation The reception signal output from the line transformer T is input to pin 2 of IC via C, R and then the signal is amplified at pin 1 of IC and sent to the reception system. Function This circuit controls the conversation over the handset, i.

When an original document is inserted and the start button pressed, pin 15 of IC goes to a high level and the transistor Q turns on. This applies voltage to the LED to light it. Functions This motor functions for main operations FAX reception and copy printing.

This feed recording paper synchronized for printing. Then stepping pulses are output from driver IC IC pin No 2, 7, 8 and 13, and drives the motor coil.


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