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Manual zz. This technical publication is the proprietary and confidential information of Canon U. Its unauthorized use is prohibited. Options None PP, 4 x 6, borderless printing, default print quality iP, iP Approx. Product Life Specified print volume or the years of use, whichever comes first.

Ink Low Warning Ink low warnings are displayed by the Status Monitor only when the remaining ink level detection is enabled, and no Status Monitor display when disabled.

Note: The Status Monitor display in the table below is for Windows. Warning Display by Status Monitor Ink low warning 1 approx. If an error has occurred in the printer, the service tool cannot be used as it is.

To use the service tool, set the printer in the special mode, following the procedures below. Cleaning time: Approx. Remove the paper from the ASF. Host computer is required. Following the instruction from the Status Monitor, load 3 sheets of plain paper in the ASF, and feed them. Select the optimal value using the printed head position adjustment pattern. Nozzle check pattern printing Significant misalignment can be adjusted. Reset of waste ink counter etc. Host computer and service tool are required.

Host computer and service tool 1. Set paper. Install the ink cartridge, and press the Power button to turn on the printer. The Power LED lights in green. Set A4-sized paper. Connect the printer to the computer. Yes No Connect to computer Shipment inspection pattern printing Correct? See 4. Non-ejection of ink: 2. Top of form: 3. Vertical lines: 4. Gray area: No Replace print head and print shipment inspection pattern Correct?

Yes No Visually check the platen waste ink absorber, and replace it if it is soiled. Install the ink cartridges, and while pressing and holding the Power button, connect the AC plug. Press the Power button to turn off the printer. The paper lifting plate is raised, and the carriage moves to the print head replacement position.

Remove the ink cartridges. DO NOT print after this point. Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Flowchart ink cartridge operation confirmation Connect to computer Nozzle check pattern printing See 4. Yes Correct? No See 4. Ink cartridge cleaning Nozzle check pattern printing Yes Correct? No Ink cartridge deep cleaning See 4. Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Yes No Ink cartridge deep cleaning Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Yes No Replace ink cartridges Nozzle check pattern printing Correct?

Resetting the Main and Platen Waste Ink Counters The counters for the main waste ink absorber and the platen waste ink absorber can be reset separately. When both the main and platen waste ink absorbers are replaced, reset both the main and platen waste ink counters. Then, replace the applicable waste ink absorber. LEDs blink alternately 2 times.

Ink cartridge installation error Alarm LED blinks in orange 5 times. Cause The user may not have removed the packing material at unpacking and installation. Note: Even if the packing material remains, no parts are damaged. Open the access cover, and install the ink The user did not install the ink cartridges - LED blinks in orange 5 times ink completely at unpacking, installation, or cartridge installation error.

As this cartridge s properly. No paper feeding Inkjet postcard - Paper out error - Paper cannot be fed - Cannot print C Multi-feeding - Multiple sheets of paper are fed simultaneously. Perform roller cleaning from the printer driver. Clean the paper feed roller with pre-moistened wipe or moistened cloth. Fan the paper and set them in the ASF. In the high temperature and high humidity environment, the frictional force between the front and back sides of paper becomes high, and sheets stick to each other, contributing to multi-feeding.

Perform roller cleaning from the printer The paper feed roller slips on the paper at paper feeding. Note: Depending on the paper lots. Reduce the number of envelopes loaded in the ASF. Flatten the envelope with a pen. Remove the jammed paper from the As the LF roller slips on the paper, the paper pick-up side. Recommend printing in the print - Cannot print to the bottom edge of quality assurance area.

Change the print quality from Standard to High mode. Try other paper PP - Cannot print properly 10 C Horizontal lines or uneven print density due to LF roller feeding at small pitch - Lines or uneven print density on skin tones and background - Cannot print properly Corrective action 1.

Correct the paper curl. Recommend the user to conduct printing in the print quality assurance area. Perform bottom plate cleaning from the printer driver. When the paper end comes off the pinch roller, printing is performed without the paper being held, preventing the ink drops from being ejected in the correct positions, resulting in unevenness.

Note: The problem is less noticeable than that of the iP As the print media slightly slips while 1. Perform print head alignment. Change the print quality from Standard being fed by the LF roller, printed areas overlap, causing the problem. Caution required. B: The phenomenon may occur under certain conditions, but likeliness is assumed very low in practical usage. C: The phenomenon is unlikely to be recognized by the user, and no practical issues are assumed.

When borderless printing is conducted continuously, ink mist attaches to the ribs on the platen, and is transferred to the backside of the following paper. Major Functions 1 Paper thickness lever at the bottom front of the printer The head-to-paper distance can be adjusted using the paper thickness lever. Top margin Compared with the normal mode, Acoustic noise level: Slightly lower. HQ normal approx. Print speed: Slows.

However, the function to detect the remaining ink amount is disabled ink status is not displayed. This is because a detection error can be large in specific print patterns such as continuous printing using any one of the CMY colors of ink or continuous solid printing, etc.

Deep cleaning refreshing : This is a deep cleaning function in order to resolve print failure due to ink clogging the nozzles. The black ink is pigment-based, and clogs easier than other dye-based ink. Perform from the printer driver Maintenance. The amount of ink used is approx.

As it is not necessary to perform print head alignment at setup or installation of the printer, the function is only briefly introduced at installation. Print head alignment: This is a function to correct displacements between the nozzle lines of the print head, and incorrect print position at bi-directional printing.

The adjustment is conducted using the printed head position adjustment pattern. At initial set-up by the user, notice to perform the print head alignment is displayed in the Status Monitor. Double-click to unzip the file. Open GeneralTool. Or, confirm the model name on the shipment inspection pattern printout. The selected waste ink counter will be reset. MAIN resets the main waste ink counter.


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Manual zz. This technical publication is the proprietary and confidential information of Canon U. Its unauthorized use is prohibited. Options None


Canon Pixma iP1200

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