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The Deutsch HD30 Series connector, was developed to meet. Deutsch plastic shell HDP20 Series provide cost effectiveness. Deutsch HD30 Series features a lightweight, yet compact and. The HD30 Series uses a bayonet coupling system that provides. Deutsch HD30 Series contacts, sealing plugs and tooling are. Consult factory for. You will feel and hear the pieces snap into the locked position. To unmate the plug and receptacle, reverse the above procedure.

DO NOT use pliers or any other tool. The Deutsch HD30 Series connector, was developed to meet the needs of the heavy duty equipment and transportation industries for rugged, multi-pin, sealed connector systems. The plug features a quick connect-disconnect bayonet style coupling and the receptacle is designed for single hole mounting. Thus reducing assembly line time and installation costs. A major area of electrical system failure is in electrical interconnections.

Typical problems include loose and miswired terminals, corrosion, and contamination of terminals. Coupled with these problems, the impact of sophisticated safety devices, automated check-out systems, and other increased use of electronics, call for a re-examination of traditional termination techniques. To the operator, termination failures mean excessive down time and maintenance costs.

This adds up to slipped production schedules, cost over-runs and user problems. The end result: decreased profits and a loss of share of the market.

Together, the HD and HDP offer common layouts, common tooling, the same adaptability to backshells and both meet the performance standards for heavy duty applications. So whether you are looking for rugged HD metal shells or cost effective HDP plastic shells, Deutsch offers the best product for your applications while holding the line on hidden inventory and assembly costs.

The rear of the connector features an integral grommet wire seal that automatically seals each contact as it is locked into place during installation. There is no extra hardware to fasten or tighten or potting operation to achieve this seal. Fabricated from tear resistant, high temperature silicone, this rear grommet protects the contact from moisture, sand, dust, lubricating oils, road salt, hydraulic fluid, grease, mud and other contaminants encountered in heavy duty use.

The elimination of open-wiring systems does away with such common hazards as short circuits due to metallic objects across the terminals. This is especially important during loading or refueling operation when a spark could cause a serious explosion. Closed wiring also protects maintenance personnel against accidental shock, yet can be easily checked for circuit continuity.

Each style has the ability to carry continuous high operating current loads without overheating. The contacts or terminals are crimp terminated using automatic tooling for production and inexpensive readily available hand tools for field maintenance. After crimping, these contacts are easily installed by simply pushing the contact into place by hand.

Although securely locked in place, these contacts can be quickly and easily removed by the use of an inexpensive, nonconductive removal tool.

Other features include: silicone wire and interfacial seals, visual indication of lock and mated position. Corrosion proof plastic shells and use of low cost stamped and formed contacts provides a cost effective solution for your application. The HDP20 uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism. This shell provides a multiple keying system that positively prevents mismating and makes plug and receptacle coupling quick and easy.

The HD30 Series uses a bayonet coupling system that provides a positive vibration resistant locking mechanism with visual indication of proper mate and lock. This quick disconnect system requires only a quarter turn to operate. Contacts A. Solid copper alloy construction withstands continuous current overload without degradation. Cost effective stamped and formed contacts provide high reliability and low cost. Range of contact and acceptable wire sizes 1. Size 4 AWG 6 Closed entry socket contact design assures positive conductivity and eliminates probe damage.

Simplified pin contact design limits possibility of bending. II Inserts A. Positive contact retention is provided through the use of plastic locking fingers which snap closed behind the shoulder of the contact. Interfaces 1. Lead-ins on socket interface properly align bent pins. Hard plastic prevents pins from penetrating dielectric material.

Redundant wire seals prevent contamination from entering from rear of connector. Sealing plug to fill unused cavities to keep environmental sealing characteristics intact. Shell A. Positive shell keying prevents mismating. Simple, one quarter turn coupling. Free rotating, captivated coupling ring for fast assembly. Coupling ring designed to insure proper environmental sealing with minimum mating forces. Audio and visual indications of positive locked condition. Available in a straight plug and single hole mounting receptacle for easy installation to structure.

Application Tooling A. Standard crimp tool or semi-automated, high-speed crimping tool is available. Fast, reliable, uniform results. Simplified procedures mean that only average skill is required for assembly. No soldering heat means: a. No chance of heat damage to parts. No wicking to contribute to vibration failure. Inexpensive plastic removal tool designed to eliminate hidden internal insert damage.

Removal tool designed to break rather than injure connector. Dielectric tool construction prevents shocks to personnel. Continuous at rated current Durability No electrical or mechanical defects after cycles of engagement or disengagement.

No electrical discontinuities longer than 1 microsecond. Current 20 7. Moisture Resistance Water does not penetrate seals when submerged in 3 feet of water. Fluid Resistance Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications. Consult factory for additional options and special modifications available. NOTE: Do not twist or insert tool at an angle. NOTE: For unused wire cavities, insert sealing plugs for full environmental sealing. A slight tug will confirm that it is properly locked in place.

Consult factory for alternate finishes. HDB - Breakaway Plugs can be specified with pin or socket contacts and cable clamps mod. Minimum force required to emergency disconnect is 50 lbs. Maximum force required is lbs. Mate with HD30 Series Only. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. More magazines by this user.

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The Deutsch HD30 Series connector, was developed to meet. Deutsch plastic shell HDP20 Series provide cost effectiveness. Deutsch HD30 Series features a lightweight, yet compact and. The HD30 Series uses a bayonet coupling system that provides.

IEC 60909 PDF

HD30 & HDP20 Series Technical Manual - Deutsch


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